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The Found Remote Show Episode 1: Natan and Adam debate cord cutting - Natan Edelsburg - The Drum - Mar 15, 2016

In episode 1 the pair debate the virtues and pitfalls of cord cutting. Natan, a devout cable subscriber, has found that the TiVo Bolt makes cable packages more necessary than ever for TV lovers. Adam, on the other hand, is a cord cutter and thinks that people can save money without sacrificing the content they enjoy with the Roku 4.  Read More

Kevin Hart Tops TiVo’s Biggest Oscar Moment - by Karen Fratti - Adweek - Feb 29, 2016

You can usually tell what works when it comes to television by taking note of what people are watching over and over (and over and over) again. TiVo Research has the top TiVo’d moments from the Oscars on Sunday. Read More

TiVo reveals Oscars top moments - by Jae Monique - Examiner.com - Feb 29, 2016

The Oscars had a star-studded line up. Winners include “Spotlight” for Best Picture, Leonardo DiCaprio for Actor in a Leading Role, and Brie Larson for Actress in a Leading Role. There were moments that stood out for the night and TiVo released the top five moments from last night’s Oscars award show. Read More

What was Super Bowl 50's most talked about ad? - by Michelle Castillo - CNBC - Feb 08, 2016

According to TiVo, which pulled data from 30,000 households, the Doritos "Sonogram" commercial was the most watched ad, followed by Mountain Dew's "PuppyMonkeyBaby" and the Taco Bell "Bigger Than Everything" ad for the Quesalupa. Read More

The most popular Super Bowl commercial is… - by Staff - New York Post - Feb 08, 2016

The snack chip maker’s Ultrasound commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl was the most engaging commercial aired during the game, according to TiVo. The second-most engaging spot during the NFL championship game, aired on CBS, was Mountain Dew’s PuppyMonkeyBaby spot, TiVo reported Monday morning in its annual analysis of Super Bowl commercials. Read More

The best shows to binge-watch right now according to TV stars - by Jethro Nededog - Business Insider - Feb 05, 2016

Stars really are just like us — which includes sitting on their couches and endlessly consuming new TV shows they heard were great.Celebrities haven't escaped this new national pastime. And who would expect them to? According to a 2015 TiVo survey, about nine out of 10 people are regularly binge-viewing at least three episodes of a program in one sitting. Read More

Three ways TiVo Bolt blurs the lines between TV and OTT - by Colin Dixon - NScreenMedia - Jan 31, 2016

MVPDs have been reluctant to integrate pay-TV with SVOD, creating a huge problem for their subscribers. TiVo has stepped in to fix the problem with the release late last year of Bolt, the latest incarnation of its signature DVR. The device blurs the lines between traditional television and OTT video more than any other device out there. Read More

Tivo ranks best Super Bowl commercials of the last 50 years - by Extra Mustard - Sports Illustrated - Jan 11, 2016

The path to Super Bowl 50 continued with last weekend’s wild-card games and Tivo is helping the countdown to the NFL’s biggest game by focusing on everyone’s favorite part, the ads.

The DVR service’s research and analytics arm surveyed Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 to narrow a list of 100 ads down to the top ten to be aired during the championship game.

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Don’t expect to see a puppy during Bud’s Super Bowl ads - by Claire Atikinson - New York Post - Jan 11, 2016

Budweiser’s cheesy “Puppy Love” ad from 2014 is the most popular Super Bowl commercial of the past 50 years, according to a new survey — proving cats may own the Internet, but dogs drive TV ratings.

The spot features a golden Labrador puppy running away from the Warm Springs Puppy Adoption farm and back to its Clydesdale horse friends. The second-most popular commercial, according to the study conducted by TiVo of 18- to 64-year-olds, was “Lost Dog,” also produced for the beer brand.

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HD Guru CES 2016 Top Picks Awards - by Greg Tarr - HD Guru - Jan 09, 2016

Although it was introduced last summer, TiVo brought its Bolt 4K Ultra HD capable DVR to CES 2016 and made a splash with its flashy commercial-skipping capabilities. The beautifully-styled Bolt is a 4K Ultra HD-ready set-top DVR for cable and over-the-air TV programming. But there’s a lot more: It adds built-in standard and 4K streaming services to recording favorite programs from a range of sources and resolution levels including: SD, HD, Full HD and 4K Ultra HDTV.

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TiVo CEO: Data Is the Way to Target Audiences - Cory Johnson - Bloomberg - Jan 08, 2016

TiVo President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Rogers discusses their new Bolt product and data with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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TiVo BOLT Adds Hulu and WWE Streaming - by Anthony Karcz - Forbes - Dec 16, 2015

Planning on using the holiday break to catch up on your favorite shows? Or maybe you want to gather the family around the TV after opening presents to watch WrestleMania? If you own a TiVo BOLT, that just got a lot easier. TiVo announced yesterday that support for Hulu and WWE is being added this week.

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25 Best Gifts for Tech Gadget Lovers - by John Brandon - Inc. - Dec 3, 2015 - Dec 03, 2015

Gadget lovers unite! What are the top gifts for the holiday season? Look no further. These premium gift ideas are for the gadget lover in the office or for friends and family.  Read More

TiVo Research: Viewers are loyal to late night hosts, not specific late night brands - by Adam Flomenbaum - The Drum - Nov 23, 2015

In an attempt to measure how viewer loyalty has shifted, if it all, TiVo today released research revealing that 74 percent of viewers have followed their favorite host to that host’s new late-night show rather than continuing to watch the show they left (i.e. now watching The Late Show With Stephen Colbert rather than Larry Wilmore). TiVo collected viewing data from 157,000 TiVo homes that regularly watched the major late night shows on NBC, CBS, and Comedy Central, and late night viewers mainly fell into three buckets. Read More

Holidays 2015: Fun unique tech gadgets - by Mario Sevilla - KRON 4 Bay Area - Nov 19, 2015 - Nov 19, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - You know the main stream hot tech devices this year so let me show you some gadgets and gift ideas slightly off the beaten path. Here's a look at some unique, useful and fun products for that hard to shop for person on your list. Read More

Rand Paul’s China trade quip was top debate moment, TiVo says - by Robert Schroeder - MarketWatch - Nov 11, 2015

China isn’t part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, but viewers of Tuesday’s Republican debate might not have realized that if not for Rand Paul. Paul’s quick quip about China not being part of the 12-nation trade deal — made in response to an anti-China rant by Donald Trump — was the most replayed moment of the debate, according to TiVo. Read More

TiVo Research: 99 per cent of people multitask while watching TV - by Adam Flomenbaum - The Drum - Nov 09, 2015

Between free data and a new partnership with Viacom, TiVo research is keeping itself busy. But the team was not too busy to release their third annual multitasking and social media TV survey late last week. The results are pretty incredible: of the 806 respondents surveyed, 99 per cent said that they multitask while watching TV, with 53 per cent multitasking every time or almost every time they watch. Read More

Mossberg: TiVo Bolt Review: Watching TV Faster - by Walt Mossberg - re/code - Sep 30, 2015

It’s taken 16 years, but TiVo has finally changed its mind. Its latest model, the radically redesigned Bolt, which goes on sale this week for a base price of $300, finally lets you ditch all the ads in a blink. By simply pressing a button once, you can skip an entire block of commercials in many recorded programs, a feature called SkipMode. No more fast-forwarding and hoping you land on the right spot, or repeatedly hitting a 30-second advance button. Read More

TiVo's 4k Streaming Bolt Gives Roamio Users Compelling Reasons To Upgrade - by Anthony Karcz - Forbes - Sep 30, 2015

I will admit it right here, right now. I am an unabashed TiVo fanboy. TiVo first hit the market right around the time my son was born. Having a magic box that would automatically go and find old episodes of G.I. Joe and Transformers for me to watch during midnight feedings endeared me to them forever. But for the past few years, I’ve wondered if I was the only one. So I was thrilled, no, ecstatic, to see that TiVo has once again ensured their continued relevance with the leap to 4k streaming with their latest box, the Bolt. Read More

New TiVo DVR Will Skip Through Entire Commercial Break - by Anick Jesdanun - Associated Press - Sep 30, 2015

NEW YORK (AP) — TiVo wants to help you skip TV commercials. With one press of a button on the remote, TiVo's new digital video recorder will skip the entire commercial break. That's quicker than the 30-second forward feature found on previous TiVos. On the new TiVo Bolt, TiVo will tag the start and end of commercial breaks so that viewers can skip that section when watching on their recordings. The feature will work with about 20 over-the-air and cable channels, including the major broadcast networks, mostly during prime-time hours. Read More

TiVo Bolt: Speed, More Speed, and Instant Ad Skipping - by David Pogue - Yahoo! Tech - Sep 29, 2015

n the beginning, the TiVo set-top box was just a digital video recorder. You’d look over a list of upcoming TV shows and movies on the channels you get, and click Record for each one you want to capture. You didn’t know or care what time or channel they’ll be on. Then, on playback, you’d skip 30 seconds at a time, fast-forward, and so on, using the world’s best-designed remote. Virtually overnight, TiVo made old-school VCRs obsolete. Read More

Spoiler Alert: Your Friends and Co-Workers Ruin TV More Than Social Media - by Anthony Crupi - AdvertisingAge - Aug 27, 2015

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher once characterized other people as "the problem that won't go away," and while that's a less-than-charitable assessment, anyone who's ever had a show spoiled by a friend or co-worker would say it's on the money. Your friends/boon companions/colleagues are spoiling TV most often, according to a study commissioned by TiVo in which 63% of respondents called out that cohort. The scourge includes everything from the office drone who blurts "I can't believe they killed off Jon Snow!" at the water cooler to the meathead who reveals the final score of a ballgame you TiVo'ed for later viewing. Read More

Caitlyn Jenner Takes ESPY Awards To A New Level - by Dina Gachman - Forbes - Jul 16, 2015

When it was announced that Caitlyn Jenner would be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at this year’s ESPY Awards, some naysayers complained that it was a ploy for ratings. But Jenner addressed that type of criticism head-on in her powerful speech, asserting that it wasn’t just about her. “It’s about all of us,” she said. Plus, since when has TV not been about ratings? Jenner’s speech was Tivo’s top moment from last night’s show (right in front of Rob Gronkowski winning Best Comeback Athlete and LeBron James winning the Best Championship Performance Award). Read More

TiVo Devices Now Support AirPlay for Streaming Recordings to Apple TV - by Sarah Perez - TechCrunch - Jul 14, 2015

DVR maker TiVo this morning announced, for the first time, its users will now be able to access their recorded content on their TV via Apple TV and AirPlay. Through an updated TiVo iOS application, TiVo customers can play content from TiVo Roamio or Premiere DVRs on their Apple TV using an iOS device on the same network. To do so, users enable AirPlay through the iOS control center, select Apple TV, then toggle the mirroring button, the company says.  Read More

TiVo's iOS App to Now Support AirPlay Streaming to Apple TV - by Adam Westlake - SlashGear - Jul 14, 2015

TiVo is finally giving iOS users the option of using the AirPlay mirroring feature to stream content to an Apple TV. Before now, the TiVo iOS app could be used to watch recorded content, but there was no way to then beam it to a TV screen. Now, any content that can be watched on the iOS app can be streamed to an Apple TV on the same WiFi network. This new capability comes via an app update that should be hitting the iOS App Store anytime now. Read More

A Third of TV Viewers Are Willing to Lose Sleep to Binge Watch - by Nathalie Tadena - Wall Street Journal - Jun 30, 2015

A new research study from TiVo found that 92% of respondents said they have “binge viewed” a show – defined in the report as watching at least three episodes of the same program on the same day — up slightly from last year’s 91%. But what’s even more stark may be what viewers are willing to sacrifice for their marathon viewing sessions. About 31% of respondents have lost sleep thanks to binge watching, and 37% have spent an entire weekend binge watching a show. Two-thirds of so-called “season bingers” turn to Netflix to watch a show’s entire season within a few weeks. Read More

The NBA Finals Score Big Ratings for ABC - by Brian Flood - AdWeek - Jun 15, 2015

Since ABC became the exclusive home to the NBA Finals in 2003, this series is the highest-rated Finals through five games. The series is averaging a 13.5 overnight rating through five games, which is up +27 percent from a 10.6 last year. Last night’s Game 5 averaged 14.92 million viewers, which is the highest-rated Game 5 on ABC in more than a decade. So who is watching? TiVo has a definitive fan breakdown for viewers of the NBA Finals. Studies show that most Warriors fans live in California, obviously, followed by New York and Texas. The majority of Cavs fans are in Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Read More

TiVo Online Opens Cross-Platform TV Search to Everyone - by Joshua Goldman - CNET - Jun 09, 2015

The free service allows anyone to track down shows and movies available from video-streaming services and broadcast TV, while subscribers can do much more. TiVo is bringing one of its DVR's best features to everyone: unified search. With the launch of TiVo Online, anyone can search for TV shows, sporting events, movies, etc., and find where it's available -- from cable and video on demand, streaming services and Web videos. Read More

The Top Ten TiVo Moments from Letterman's Final Shows - by Karen Fratti - AdWeek - May 21, 2015

Letterman’s final weeks were full of great guests and moving tributes. But some were better than others. According to TiVo, the final episode was the most important to viewers. But Julia Roberts’ smooches, Bill Murray popping out of a cake, and George Clooney handcuffing himself to the desk were up there, too. They compile their list by “using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data from a sample of approximately 30,000 anonymous households.  Read More

Plex Coming to TiVo on June 8th - by Dante D'Orazio - The Verge - May 18, 2015

f you're a cable devotee, a TiVo remains one of the best options around. But while the DVR is great at supplementing your channel lineup with online streaming options, it isn't very good at playing videos stored on your local network. That will soon change, however, as the TiVo Roamio (and likely the Premiere, too) are getting their very own Plex app on June 8th. Plex, if you're not familiar, is a slick, free option for playing videos, pictures, and music stored a networked computer across your home (an optional premium subscription offers more features). Read More

Plex Brings Photos, Music and Video Streaming to TiVo June 8th - by Richard Lawler - Engadget - May 17, 2015

After a number of leaks and hints, this week Plex and TiVo announced their products will start working together soon. Plex media server gives users a way to easily stream photos, music or video files to devices like Roku and Chromecast, and pulls content from local hard drive or the cloud all the same. Mixing up its abilities with TiVo gives people who like traditional TV and their own media libraries an easy way to enjoy both. Read More

We have your first look at Tivo's massive, amazing Android update - by Russell Holly - Android Central - Mar 25, 2015

The folks at Tivo are making software a priority, which is great for everyone. As a longtime Tivo user, the experience had with the Android app to date has been just shy of absolutely miserable. The first release was little more than an iOS port that didn't scale correctly when using larger screens or devices with higher than what was considered normal resolutions at the time, and when the app did finally improve enough that it was usable on all devices the UI was outdated and sluggish. It didn't matter what device you used the Tivo app on, scrolling through the Guide with a finger flick was inviting pain. That was then. This is now. This is the new Tivo for Android. Read More

The Most Engaging Oscar Ads, According to TiVo - by Karen Fratti - AdWeek - Feb 28, 2015

You don’t watch the Oscars for the ads (so why do we watch them?), but when things start to get a little slow around the animated short and set design awards, they can be welcome escapes. And since it’s the end of big, live, event season, you’ve probably seen them before. Which is not always a bad thing. TiVo tracks the most “engaging” moments from telecasts like the Oscars, including the advertisements. Tapping a sample of around 30,000 anonymous households, they can track the “play speed,” when people are hitting pause and replaying segments.  Read More

Where’s Beyonce: Top Five 2015 Grammy Moments From TiVo - by Dina Gachman - Forbes - Feb 09, 2015

Kanye West would not be happy: Beyonce’s performance at the end of last night’s Grammy Awards didn’t make the top five most-watched moments, according to TiVo. How is that possible? Did the Beyhive turn the show off in protest after Beck won Album of the Year? It’s possible. Read More

The Top 10 Superbowl Ads Were Also Some of the Sappiest - by Karen Fratti - AdWeek - Feb 02, 2015

Brands went heavy on the sentimentality last night and it looks like viewers loved it. TiVo has run its data and come up with the list of the top ten commercials, based on real time viewership data. They look for bumps in viewership within a 15-minute window in over 3,000 households.  Read More

This was the Biggest Ad of the Super Bowl - by Victor Luckerson - TIME - Feb 02, 2015

TiVo said the ad was the most engaging Super Bowl spot among its viewers, meaning it caused the biggest spike in active viewership of any of the ads. The ad was the most-shared spot online, garnering more than 2.1 million posts on Twitter, Facebook and blogs since it debuted last Wednesday, according to video ad tech company Unruly. “Lost Dog” was also voted the best Super Bowl by viewers on Hulu’s AdZone, which gathered all the national ads for the big game in one place.  Read More

TiVo cancels Season Pass for OnePass, streaming included (hands-on) - by David Katzmaier - CNET - Jan 09, 2015

LAS VEGAS -- TiVo is prepared for hordes of pitchfork-wielding faithful to assault its headquarters, chanting, "Bring back Season Pass! Bring back Season Pass!"  Read More

iHeartRadio brings fresh integration to Tivo set-top boxes - by Tom Cheredar - VentureBeat - Jan 05, 2015

Digital radio service iHeartRadio is invading living rooms everywhere via Tivo set-top boxes, the company announced today.
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Gadget Show: TV Channels Delivered By Internet, New TV Sets - by Anick Jesdanun - Associated Press - Jan 05, 2015

LAS VEGAS — One of the biggest changes in television this year will be more channels being available online with no separate cable or satellite subscription. But for would-be cord-cutters, watching sports has been the Holy Grail. Until now — Dish Network Corp. on Monday unveiled an Internet-only subscription offering that includes ESPN. Read More

'Scorpion,' 'How to Get Away With Murder' are among most popular new shows, according to TiVo - by Chuck Barney - San Jose Mercury News - Dec 18, 2014

Television viewers prefer to watch sports events and animated cartoons in real time while saving dramas and sci-fi shows for later. Not surprisingly, they also prefer shorter commercials and tend to hit the fast-forward button quite a bit. Read More

TV Shows account for 43% of millennials' video viewing, says TiVo - by Staff - Digital TV Europe - Dec 17, 2014

TV shows still account for 43% of millennials’ video viewing, though they are far more likely to use free and subscription sites to stream content than other generations, according to research by DVR maker TiVo.  Read More

Drip, Drip, Drip – Video Apps Slowly Get Added to Connected TV Devices – by Will Richmond - VideoNuze - Nov 24, 2014

There's no doubt connected TV devices will be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, as online video continues to evolve from an early adopter desktop behavior to a mainstream living room experience. But even the prices of connected TV devices plunge and consumers' enthusiasm builds, the space continues to be marked by the drip, drip, drip inefficient process of one-off additions of video apps to specific connected TV devices. Read More

TiVo Primes Its Video Pump – by Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Nov 20, 2014

TiVo has followed through with the launch of a new Amazon Instant app for TiVo Roamio and TiVo Mini devices that also extends access to the massive Amazon Prime Instant Video library.   So, in addition to the Amazon Instant fare, TiVo adds streaming access to originals such as Alpha House and Transparent, select original series from HBO, and other titles that are part of the $99-per-year Prime subscription service. Read More

TiVo Adds Walmart’s VUDU video service – by Brittany Hillen – Slash Gear - Oct 31, 2014

Netflix and Hulu Plus might be the two best known video streaming services at the moment, but many competitors exist, not the least of which is Walmart's VUDU. Like some other services, VUDU allows its customers to rent and buy digital movies and TV shows, including things like flat-rate season bundles for entire series seasons. The service has long been available on many set top box devices, including various Roku models, and now it has finally arrived for those using TiVo. Read More

When Everyone Was Watching the World Series: Top 10 Moments People Tuned In – by Mollie McWilliams – SF Weekly - Oct 31, 2014

If you were near a TV on Wednesday night, chances are — even if you're not a sports fan — you were probably watching FOX at 8:21 p.m. Your eyes were likely glued to the screen as Madison Bumgarner threw his 185th pitch in four days, you may have held your breath as the ball sailed into foul territory, and you probably didn't blink as you watched Pablo Sandoval come underneath it and clinch the win for the Giants. So it should come as no surprise that this was the number one viewed moment of the 2014 World Series. But what were the other moments everyone was watching? TiVo has broken down the numbers to come up with a list of the top 10 moments from games 1-7. Read More

Game 7 drives ‘em in for FOX; NBC Sports Group reups with the Breeders’ Cup; MLS doubles down in LA – by Staff – Cynopsis Media - Oct 31, 2014

Game 7 of the World Series was a blowout for FOX Sports on Wednesday, marking the second Game 7 in the Fall Classic since 2002, and reeling in a Series-high 13.7/23 with 23.5 million viewers tuning in, according to Nielsen. That is up 69% in rating and 76% in audience compared to Game 6. The contest was also up 22% in rating and 23% in audience over last year’s Series-clinching Game 6. FOX Deportes’ telecast of Game 7 was the most-watched MLB game ever in the network’s history with 373,000 total viewers, up 90% from Game 7 in 2011. Overall, the seven games of the Series averaged an 8.2/14 with 13.8 million viewers. Read More

Vudu lends its on-demand streaming library to TiVo devices - by Billy Steele - Engadget - Oct 30, 2014

TiVo owners who enjoy doing more than just recording TV shows just got another on-demand option. Walmart's video service, Vudu, will be available on select models soon, bringing over 100,000 movie and television selections for rent or purchase à la carte. In addition to feature films, Vudu serves up TV shows from CBS, Comedy Central, HBO, MTV, Showtime and more. Read More

TiVo Adds VUDU To OTT Mix - by Jeff Baumgartner - Multichannel News - Oct 30, 2014

TiVo said it is adding the Walmart-owned VUDU video streaming service to its mix of apps for TiVo Roamio and TiVo Mini devices as part of a “rolling update” that will occur over the next few weeks.   TiVo customers will start to see the VUDU app appear starting this afternoon through mid-November. Read More

Multitasking during TV viewing takes steep upstick, TiVo says – by Daniel Frankel – FierceCable - Oct 19, 2014

This is according to TiVo's second annual "Multitasking and Social TV" survey, which polled 856 users of the company's users. TiVo found that 51 percent of viewers say they multitask during most of their TV watching, up from 36 percent in 2013. Only 27 percent in the latest survey said they don't do anything else while watching the tube, down from 35 percent last year. Read More

TV Viewing Is Combined With Multitasking – by Wayne Friedman – MediaPost - Oct 17, 2014

Multitasking around TV viewing continues to climb -- but those tasks are rarely related to TV viewing.
TiVo says over half of its 856 survey respondents -- 51% -- say they multitask every time or almost every time they watch TV, this compared to just over one third, 36%, from a year ago. Read More

TiVo: Multitasking During TV Viewing On The Rise – by Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Oct 17, 2014

The report, which surveyed 856 people, found that more than half of the respondents (51%)  reported multitasking every time or almost every time they watch TV, versus just 36% in its first survey on the topic last year.  Read More

TiVo teams with HSN to offer interactive shopping – by Staff – Rapid TV News - Oct 16, 2014

The two companies have announced Shop By Remote, an interactive shopping experience with which TiVo users can now shop for products featured on HSN shows. Located within the Apps & Games menu on TiVo Central, users can visit the HSN app to view and purchase recently featured items or browse HSN's catalogue of more than 40,000 products. Everything from home décor to jewellery and electronics are now available to all TiVo users. Read More

TiVo, HSN Help Customers Shop By Remote – by Greg Tarr – Twice - Oct 15, 2014

San Jose, Calif. -— TiVo and the Home Shopping Network (HSN) announced a partnership Wednesday through which HSN will use TiVo technology to facilitate orders through the TV set. HSN said its new “Shop By Remote,” interactive shopping experience will enable TiVo users to shop for thousands of products featured on HSN shows with a click of a button. Read More

HSN, TiVo launch Shop by Remote – by Dan Berthiaume – Chain Store Age - Oct 15, 2014

St. Petersburg, Fla. –- HSN Inc. is partnering with television services provider TiVo to launch Shop By Remote, HSN's interactive shopping experience. With a click of a button TiVo users can now shop for thousands of products featured on HSN shows. Read More

Television study reveals more than half “show cheat” – by Staff – WSLS - Oct 13, 2014

Newly released results from a TiVo study found 59% of Americans surveyed say they've snuck and watched a favorite show without their significant other.  Read More

Anxious spouses lie about watching their favorite television shows – by Kat Boutwell – KSHB - Oct 12, 2014

A survey by TiVo found 59 percent of those surveyed said they've watched a "must-see-together" show without their other half. Read More

Survey: 59% of people “show cheat” – by Staff – WHEC - Oct 12, 2014

A survey by TiVo found 59-percent of those surveyed said they've watched a "must-see-together" show without their other half. To make matters worse, 27-percent have lied about watching the program. Read More

TiVo now lets Android users stream their recorded TV shows - by Chris Welch - The Verge - Sep 30, 2014

You can now stream TV shows recorded with TiVo's latest DVRs on Android devices. Today, the company announced that its app for Google's mobile operating system has finally added streaming capabilities. You can also find the app in Amazon's Appstore to use with the Fire Phone or Fire tablets. Like the iOS version, TiVo's app lets Roamio owners watch recorded shows when on their home Wi-Fi network and — in some limited cases — even when away from home. Read More

TiVo adds streaming support for its Android app - by Joshua Goldman - CNET - Sep 30, 2014

Along with being able to manage and schedule recordings, explore show info and control your TiVo DVR, you'll be able to stream programming from your TiVo to an Android phone or tablet -- over your home wireless or cellular network. Read More

TiVo Debuts Android App to Stream Shows on Mobile Devices - by Sonali Basak - Bloomberg - Sep 30, 2014

The new app, initially being introduced in the U.S., lets consumers with devices using Google Inc. (GOOGL)’s operating software connect to their TiVo set-top box at home to watch live shows, record and playback content on the go, the company said in a statement today. The app can connect with mobile-phone networks as well as Wi-Fi, unlike the Apple app, which is Wi-Fi only. Read More

TiVo Survey Identifies Fall’s Most Eagerly Anticipated New Comedies and Dramas – by Staff – TV Week - Sep 18, 2014

A new survey conducted by TiVo names the new dramas and comedy series that the company says viewers are looking forward to the most. Read More

TiVo Creates $5,000 DVR, Reminder of Your Eventual Mortality – by James Poniewozik – TIME - Sep 10, 2014

This week, a leading technology company released a new product that may represent either the pinnacle of its achievement or a showy gadget that’s a tribute to needless conspicuous consumption. I don’t mean Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus or the Apple Watch, unveiled in Cupertino on Tuesday. I’m referring to Tivo’s announcement of aDVR so capacious and expensive, it belongs in the lair of a comic-book billionaire supervillain. Read More

TiVo Mega Is a TV Addict's Ultimate DVR – by Christina Warren – Mashable - Sep 09, 2014

Ladies and gentleman, meet my dream TiVo. It takes everything I love about the TiVo Roamio Plus (which a year later, is still the best DVR I've ever owned), and adds in the fun of a RAID-5 array, as well as seemingly endless storage. Read More

TiVo proves that ‘size matters’ with absurd 26,000-hour DVR – by Steven Dent – Engadget - Sep 08, 2014

TiVo has taken the TV-watching to a new, insane dimension with the Mega, a rack-mountable, 24TB DVR that will cost around $5,000. That trumps its current flagship Roamio Pro's 4TB storage by sixfold and makes it look quaint in comparison. Like that box, the Mega supports six channels of simultaneous recording, built-in transcoding, multi-room capability and live streaming to smartphones or tablets. In addition, it uses RAID 5 and hot-swappable drives, so that you won't lose your Shark Week marathon in case of a hard disk failure. Read More

TiVo Mega DVR offers up vast 24TB storage at equally huge $5,000 price – by Joshua Goldman - Sep 08, 2014

The TiVo Mega is basically a rack-mountable server case with a TiVo emblem on front, but at least it's an attractive case with an anodized precision-machined bezel. It houses 10 hot-swappable hard drives (RAID 5) totaling 24TB of storage space. TiVo says that's enough to hold 26,000 hours of standard-def shows or 4,000 hours of HD. Read More

The insane TiVo Mega costs $5,000, can record three years of TV, and looks like a rack server – by Nathan Ingraham – The Verge - Sep 08, 2014

TiVo has always been at its best when it is catering to the extreme, high-end AV enthusiasts out there. There's also a chance that this product could have some commercial applications, as well — there are likely a host of businesses out there that could use a simple solution to recording huge amount of TV footage. Read More

Beastly 24TB TiVo Megas Has 8 Times the Capacity of Any Other TiVo – by Tim Moynihan – Wired - Sep 08, 2014

For its $5,000 price of entry, you automatically get free TiVo service until the end of time, which normally costs $500 or $15 per month. Another perk for the high price: It comes with TiVo’s higher-end Slide Pro Remote, which has a built-in keyboard and normally costs $50 extra. Savings! Read More

TiVo Unveils Crazy-Huge $5,000 DVR with Enough Storage for Three Years of TV – by Todd Spangler – Variety - Sep 08, 2014

But what kind of TV junkie needs to salt away years of stuff from the tube? TiVo pointed out that one of the routine complaints of DVR users is that they typically have to constantly prune old recordings to make space for new ones. The Mega is designed to alleviate that (first world) problem. Read More

TiVo debuts the one DVR to rule them all - by Mike Snider – by Mike Snider - USA Today - Sep 08, 2014

TiVo is developing the ultimate DVR for TV lovers.
The new TiVo Mega, with 24 terabytes of recording space, can record about 4,000 hours of high-definition content -- about 24 weeks of constant playback, or 3 years' worth in standard definition. Read More

The $5,000 TiVo Mega Will Store 3 Years of Video – by Wilson Rothman – The Wall Street Journal - Sep 08, 2014

TiVo’s upcoming Mega DVR proves that while the company is refashioning itself as a friend to cable-cutters, it hasn’t forgotten about the TV-obsessed who love their hundreds of cable channels and can’t keep up with all of the shows. Read More

New DVR can store 26,000 hours of TV – by Richard Morgan – New York Post - Sep 08, 2014

A new DVR capable of recording an astounding three years of standard-definition TV is expected to be unveiled on Tuesday, The Post has learned.
The DVR, from TiVo, will hold about 26,000 hours of TV programming — and could render erasing shows to make room for new recordings a thing of the past. Read More

TiVo Mega: A DVR That Stores 3 Years of Video (For $5,000) – by Jamie Condliffe – Gizmodo - Sep 07, 2014

Not so much a set-top-box, more a server, this thing packs a full 24 terabytes of hard-drive space. According to TiVo, that'll hold 26,000 hours of continuous standard-definition video (or 4,000 episodes of Real Housewives, as the Wall Street Journal points out). And if you're concerned about simultaneous recording, don't be: this thing will record six channels at the same time. You can also stow it anywhere in the house, as it serves video via the Internet to your iOS devices, transcoding on the fly. Read More

Tivo’s Profit Tops Estimates Aided by Subscriber Gains – by Saonali Basak –Bloomberg - Aug 26, 2014

Tivo, a pioneer in the DVR market, has traditionally sold its own set-top boxes and licensed its technology to pay-TV operators such as DirecTV and Comcast Corp. that rent units to subscribers. As pay-TV services offer more streaming and on-demand video options, Tivo has sought to retain customers with set-top boxes that can better access streaming services and deliver recorded programs to mobile devices. Read More

Tivo’s Profit Tops Estimates Aided by Subscriber Gains – by Saonali Basak –Bloomberg - Aug 26, 2014

Tivo, a pioneer in the DVR market, has traditionally sold its own set-top boxes and licensed its technology to pay-TV operators such as DirecTV and Comcast Corp. that rent units to subscribers. As pay-TV services offer more streaming and on-demand video options, Tivo has sought to retain customers with set-top boxes that can better access streaming services and deliver recorded programs to mobile devices. Read More

You Can Cut the Cable TV, but Still Keep the DVR – by Geoffrey Fowler – The Wall Street Journal - Aug 26, 2014

Read More

TiVo Roamio OTA cord-cutting DVR debuts for $50, plus fees by Ty Pendlebury – CNET - Aug 25, 2014

The TiVo Roamio is an exceptionally polished DVR for recording free over-the-air TV. The interface is excellent and intuitive, making it dead simple to record shows and series exactly the way you'd like. There's built-in Wi-Fi and a 500GB hard drive. The superb remote works via RF, so you can hide the box behind a cabinet. And the hardware itself is compact, sleek and silent. Read More

New $50 TiVo Box Targets Cord Cutters and Aereo Refugees - by Doug Aamoth - TIME - Aug 25, 2014

Obviously, the sticking point for most people is going to be the monthly charge. But f you’re big on being able to record broadcast shows — complete with all the multi-show recording and commercial-skipping goodness that entails — you’re looking at shelling out less than $200 per year for the privilege of doing so. Read More

TiVo’s $50 Roamio DVR Was Built for Cord Cutters – by Nathan Olicarez-Giles - The Wall Street Journal - Aug 25, 2014

The new $50 Roamio OTA has a lot in common with the pricier model. They both make use of a 500GB hard drive to record up to 500 hours of SD programming, or about 75 hours of HD shows. Both can record up to four shows at once, and both can capture shows from antennas that you buy separately. What the Roamio OTA can’t do that other Roamio’s can is record shows coming in from cable—and that’s the point. The Roamio OTA is meant for those living a cable-free life. Read More

TiVo debuts new digital video recorder for cord cutters by Mike Snider - USA Today - Aug 25, 2014

Now there's a special TiVo digital video recorder just for cord-cutters.
The new TiVo Roamio OTA (over-the-air) DVR records up to four local TV broadcasts at the same time. The $49.99 DVR, which will be rolling out in select Best Buy stores in mid-September, stores 75 hours of HD programming. Read More

The latest in the broadcast TV/copyright kerfuffle by David Post - Washington Post - Aug 25, 2014

TiVo just announced that it is releasing a new product (the “Roamio Over-the-Air [OTA] DVR”) that will allow customers who don’t have cable/satellite service to record, store, and playback over-the-air television programming (provided they have an HD digital antenna pulling in the signals). Read More

TiVo goes after cord cutters with new $49.99 device – by Salvador Rodriguez – Los Angeles Times - Aug 25, 2014

The new device can record up to four shows at the same time, store 75 hours of HD video, play content from online services like Netflix and YouTube, and stream live and recorded content to users' smartphones and tablets. Read More

TiVo Offers DVR to Cable-Free Viewers After Aereo Ruling - by Sonali Basak and Alex Barinka - Aug 25, 2014

TiVo’s new device puts it more in competition with products such as Roku Inc. and Apple TV, which offer alternatives to people who don’t have cable or satellite TV. Roku, a maker of set-top boxes that connect TVs to the Internet, costs as little as $49.99, while Apple Inc.’s device is about $100. Those products don’t have antennas to capture over-the-air content. To stream live broadcast programming, a customer could buy another device with an antenna from Really Simple Software Inc.’s Simple.TV for $199.99 to $349.99. Read More

TiVo Makes a Cable Box for Cord Cutters - by Joshua Brustein – Bloomberg Businessweek - Aug 25, 2014

TiVo (TIVO), a company built on making clever cable boxes, is moving away from its roots in a play for people who don’t want to pay for cable at all. On Monday, TiVo announced a new version of its Roamio DVR, the OTA, which costs $50 and can only be used to record broadcast signals coming across the airwaves. Read More

TiVo to Make Version for Those Without Cable – by Staff – Associated Press - Aug 25, 2014

TiVo isn't giving up on pay-TV subscribers, which still represent the majority of households. The company has two premium models that work only with a cable or satellite subscription. The $400 Roamio Plus and the $600 Roamio Pro have more storage and let you record six shows at once, rather than four on the cheaper models. The premium models also let you stream recorded shows on cellphones and tablets without additional hardware. Read More

TiVo introduces DVR for cord-cutters – by Robert Channick - Chicago Tribune - Aug 25, 2014

The TiVo Roamio OTA will offer 75 hours of high definition storage capacity, enabling viewers to record everything from over-the air broadcast channels to streaming online networks such as Netflix and YouTube. Read More

Spoiler Alert! Online News Headlines Give Away Show Plots – Willborn P. Nobles, III – NBC - Aug 12, 2014

A recent survey of more than 14,000 people by TiVo found that a whopping 78 percent report that a movie, show or sports game has been spoiled for them before. Friends, acquaintances and co-workers were the most-cited source of spoilers, followed by online news headlines. Perhaps what’s more surprising is how often people are spoiled. The most common spoiler experiences: a major plot point or a character death on a TV show. The survey found TV spoilers to occur more often than movie spoilers. Read More

‘Sharknado 2′ sparks social media storm, nets big ratings for Syfy – By Lori Rackl – The Chicago Sun-Times - Jul 31, 2014

The folks at TiVo compiled a list Thursday of the movie’s most-watched moments, based on TiVo users’ rewinding and rewatching on their video recorder set-top boxes. Read More

Cable One to offer Netflix app on its leased TiVo set-tops – By Daniel Frankel – FierceCable News - Jul 28, 2014

Cable One has become the latest MSO to integrate the Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) app onto the TiVo-enabled HD-DVRs it leases to subscribers. Cable One has partnered with TiVo since 2012 and currently offers to its subscribers lease options for the four-tuner Premiere Q DVR, as well as the IP-only TiVo Mini and TiVo Stream. Read More

Cutting the Cable Cord: Answers to Your Questions – By Geoffrey A. Fowler – The Wall Street Journal - Jul 18, 2014

I like to record TV shows like “60 Minutes.” How would I do that? You can still connect an aerial antenna feed to a DVR, such as the TiVo Roamio, which charges a monthly fee but does a great job of blending live TV and Internet-streaming services into one interface. You can also buy more basic DVRs without a monthly fee. Read More

TiVo Father’s Day Survey: Violent Tech Content – Jae Yang and Karl Gelles – USA Today - Jul 16, 2014

Read More

Germany 1. World Cup Fever 1,000. – By Stuart Elliot – The New York Times - Jul 15, 2014

Another example of that interest was data from TiVo showing that although four of the top five streamed games of the tournament in homes with TiVo DVRs involved the United States team, six of the 10 most-streamed games involved teams from other countries. Read More

Comcast, TiVo Working On Non-CableCARD Approach – By Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Jul 15, 2014

TiVo and Comcast have agreed to collaborate on a two-way, non-CableCARD security platform that would enable TiVo boxes bought by lineat programming as well as the MSO’s video-on-demand service. Following the recent completion of an integration, Comcast currently supports both live TV and VOD services on retail-purchased TiVo Premiere and Roamio devices in all of the MSO’s markets, so long as those devices are paired with a CableCARD modules. Read More

Why TiVo (TIVO) Stock Is Up Today – By Shawn Ingram – The Street - Jul 10, 2014

TiVo (TIVO_) was gaining 3.4% to $13.21 Thursday after announcing a deal with Canadian cable TV company Cogeco Cable.
Under the new deal Cogeco will roll out a multi-screen TiVo DVR solution to its 800,000 cable TV subscribers sometime by March 2015. Cogeco will abandon its previous plans to roll out an IPTV service in order to offer the TiVo solution. The deal is TiVo's first with a Canadian pay-TV provider. Read More

Cutting the High Cost of Digital Living – By Molly Wood – The New York Times - Jul 09, 2014

The obvious way to cut the bill is to get rid of cable. A stand-alone Internet service would cost about $40 a month (prices may vary, of course, depending on speed and promotions), removing $155 or so from my monthly total, or about $1,860 a year. After all, I’m already managing multiple video subscriptions, and my TiVo and my Internet-connected TV both deliver online video to my television set. And almost $2,000 a year is significant savings. Read More

How to Roll Your Own Aereo (Spoiler: It’s Not Cheap) – By Doug Aamoth – TIME - Jul 01, 2014

TiVo wants your business, to be sure, though Zatz figures “cord cutters will need to front about $300 in hardware and $15/month to approximate Aereo.” That’s for a base-model TiVo Roamio box ($200 MSRP) — the only version to sport over-the-air antenna connections — and monthly service. You’ll also need to add TiVo’s streaming box ($130 MSRP), which only streams over a Wi-Fi connection and doesn’t yet sport an Android app. Read More

How to use TiVo with Time Warner Cable – By Rob Pegoraro – USA Today - Jun 29, 2014

Time Warner Cable employs a compression system called Switched Digital Video that adds a layer of complexity to CableCard modules already required by third-party hardware like TiVo digital video recorders. Read More

Death by Netflix? – By Anna North – The New York Times - Jun 27, 2014

First, the (sort of) good news: Americans no longer find the activity worthy of scorn. In a study by TiVo, only a third of respondents considered binge-watching “a negative term.” Last year, the figure was 53 percent. TiVo Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer somewhat gleefully explains the drop:
“Today, though, the menu of available television fare has expanded to include thousands of channels, original programming from broadcast, cable and over-the-top sources and year-round premieres. It is now literally impossible for viewers to see all the shows they enjoy when they are first broadcast, and there’s no ‘summer break’ when viewers can catch up. But thanks to the control over cable, broadcast and OTT content afforded by TiVo, and to the proliferation of streaming services like Netflix, binge-viewing has rapidly become common practice.” Read More

TiVo’s Binge Numbers – CableFAX - Jun 27, 2014

Everybody’s binging these days. TiVo’s Spring Binge-Viewing survey found 91% of the more than 15K respondents considered it common behavior. Read More

The Whole Entire World Binge-Watched 'Breaking Bad' Because Of Course – By Bill Bradley – The Huffington Post - Jun 26, 2014

According to a survey conducted by TiVo, 91 percent of viewers said they've binge-watched TV shows, meaning they watched three or more episodes of the same show in a row, and there is a bunch of drama at the top. Read More

‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Top List of Binge-Watched Shows – By Todd Spangler – Variety - Jun 25, 2014

About 91% of viewers said they’ve engaged in binge-viewing, according to a survey conducted this spring by TiVo, which defined the behavior as watching three episodes of the same program in a row. And 40% said they’d binged on a show within the past week of the survey. Read More

Aereo Alternatives: Tips From a Cord Cutter – By Sascha Segan – PC Magazine - Jun 25, 2014

When you're using a DVR, I can't overemphasize how much the quality of the user interface and program guide matters. You don't want to have to set your DVR like a 30-year-old VCR. TiVo's guide automatically chases series around different times and channels for you, for instance. It's really a differentiator. Read More

How to Build a Completely Legal Version of Aereo – By Andy Fixmer – Mashable - Jun 25, 2014

At the top of the list is a combination of a $200 TiVo Roamio digital video recorder, a high-definition TV antennae and a Slingbox.
Roamio, the base device from DVR pioneer TiVo, is capable of recording four shows at once and storing 500 hours of programs — far more than Aereo offers. You’ll need a high-definition HD indoor antennae, which costs about $40, to receive TV signals. Read More

VIDEO: TiVo Roamio review: Best over-the-air DVR if you're willing to pay – By Matthew Moskovciak – CNET - Jun 11, 2014

Read More

Top 5 Moments From “The Billboard Music Awards” – By Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - May 19, 2014

According to the fast nationals, “The 2014 Billboard Music Awards” averaged 10.45 million viewers and a 3.5 rating/10 share among adults 18-49 from 8-11 p.m., which was the dominant program for the evening. Comparably, that was its most-watched telecast in 13 years and an 11-year high in the demo (equal to 2001 and 2003, respectively). According to TiVo, meanwhile, three of the top five moments of the evening were songs by three female performers. Read More

TiVo Mother’s Day Survey – NBC Newsfeed - May 10, 2014

In its annual Survey for mothers day, tv recording giant, TiVo , found something a little surprising about moms and the often fought over Remote control. We found that when families are watching it tv together, that moms are more in contl of the Remote by a margin of 41% to 24%.

Can Netflix kill cable TV if it's part of it? – By editor – Fortune - May 07, 2014

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that it had struck a deal with the seventh-largest cable operator in the U.S., Suddenlink, to put its streaming service on cable boxes for the cable operator’s 1.2 million customers. In late April, three smaller cable companies — RCN, Grande Communications, and Atlantic Broadband — announced that they too would carry Netflix on cable boxes provided to some 500,000 customers through an agreement with TiVo. Read More

Netflix Signs Deal with Suddenlink, in Largest U.S. Cable Operator Pact So Far- By Todd Spangler – Variety - May 06, 2014

Suddenlink Communications, a cable operator with about 1.2 million TV customers across its footprint, has signed an agreement with Netflix to offer the streaming-video service through TiVo set-tops.
The Netflix pact with the MSO comes after three smaller cable operators — RCN Telecom Services, Atlantic Broadband and Grande Communications — last week launched Netflix for their own subscribers with TiVo boxes. Read More

TiVo's Rogers: Our differentiator is we have everything on one device – By Samantha Bookman – Fierce Online Video - May 06, 2014

DVR pioneer TiVo stands out in the burgeoning device space because its subscribers can get "everything" on a single device, CEO Tom Rogers told investors at a Miami conference, including online video content in the wake of TiVo's recent deals with cable operators including Suddenlink and Grande Communications to provide access to Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) through their set-top boxes. Read More

Moms and the Remote Control – By Bekah – Motherhood Moment - May 06, 2014

Read More

Domestic Dispatches: Will I Ever Master the Remote? – By Michelle Slatalla - Remodelista - May 05, 2014

In many households, the remote causes strife: more than 53 percent of mothers say remote controls are the most fought over family gadget, according to results of a survey released today by television set-top box maker TiVo. Read More

“The Americans” Tops Weekly Top 10 Based on Percent Time-Shifted Viewing – By Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - Apr 17, 2014

TiVo Research (http://blog.tivo.com/category/audience-research/) has released the Top 10 programs on all of television for the week of March 31 based on percent time shifting. All 10 shows for that week aired on cable, which is the ongoing observation, and 84.7 percent for the No. 1 entry, drama “The Americans” on FX, means that 84.7 percent of the audience watched the just renewed drama via the DVR. FX held three of the Top 10 spots (which also included drama “Justified” and animated “Archer”), and the big surprise, no doubt, was OWN reality series “Lindsay” making the cut. Read More

[TiVo Mention] Five Ways to Kick the Cable TV Habit and Save Serious Cash – By Dan Tynan – Yahoo Tech - Apr 14, 2014

There’s nothing I despise more than paying a ginormous cable TV bill — except for filing my taxes, getting root canal surgery…. Read More

Top Moments at “The MTV Movie Awards” – By Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - Apr 14, 2014

TiVo Research and Analytics has released the top moments from last night’s telecast of “The MTV Movie Awards.” The No. 1 pick is Zac Efron losing his shirt, with Jonah Hill, Jared Leto, Mila Kunis, Seth Rogen and Channing Tatum also making the cut. Take a look: Read More

[TiVo Mention] Cutting the Cord: Few part with pay TV but some spurn it – By Mike Snider – USA TODAY - Apr 12, 2014

Cord cutting is a popular topic — and the genesis of this column — but the reality is that so far there is no full-fledged exodus from pay TV.
However, a lot of subscribers are thinking about the move. Read More

TiVo seeing growth on set-top box trail – By Rex Crum – Market Watch - Apr 09, 2014

In the world of technology, being first with something innovative doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to own the market for a particular product. Read More

TiVo Tries to Keep Remote Interest Over Cable Lobbying – By Todd Shields and Cliff Edwards – Bloomberg - Apr 09, 2014

As chief U.S. communications regulator in 2003, Michael Powell called TiVo Inc. (TIVO)’s pioneering video recorder “God’s machine.”
Now Powell, leading a lobbying campaign for cable providers led by Comcast Corp. (CMCSA), is pushing for legislation that TiVo says could threaten its reign as the cult favorite for fast forwarding past commercials. Read More

TIVO ROAMIO REVIEW – By Caleb Denison – Digital Trends - Mar 26, 2014

When satellite and cable companies started handing out HD DVRs and, later, incorporating access to tons of on-demand video content through its own equipment, I concede that I joined a chorus of many who thought TiVo might soon meet its end. But TiVo remained tenacious, recently introducing the Roamio series of DVRs, and in doing so, promptly changing my tune. Read More

Top Moments at the “Dancing with the Stars” Season-Opener – By Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - Mar 18, 2014

TiVo Research and Analytics has released the top moments from last night’s telecast of the spring season premiere of “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC. Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy led the list, which appears as follows:
1. 8:59 p.m. – Probably the odds on favorite to win this year’s competition, Meryl Davis begins the cha cha with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Read More

TiVo Bets Future on Personalization, Metadata – By Joyce Wang – CableFAX - Mar 18, 2014

TiVo might be known for its DVR services, but that's going to be just a small part of TiVo's business in the future. "It's a world of constantly evolving content" so further integration with more and more content is key moving forward, pres/CEO Tom Rogers said during an investor conference last week. The company will continue to push further mobility, giving people more ways to access content whenever and wherever, he said. Read More

TiVo passes 2.5m European subscribers – by Julian Clover – Broadband TV News - Mar 14, 2014

TiVo has said it has now passed 2.5 million subscribers in the European market. The figures combine the published figures of the three European operators running the advanced television service; Virgin Media (UK), ONO (Spain) and Com Hem (Sweden). Read More

Virgin Media CEO rules out TiVo-Horizon migration – Digital TV Europe - Mar 12, 2014

Virgin Media’s CEO Tom Mockridge has ruled migrating the firm’s TiVo TV service to Liberty Global’s Horizon platform, claiming that doing so would be a “simplistic” business approach.
Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch yesterday, Mockridge said that TiVo in the UK has been very successful, is growing by “several percent a month” in terms of household penetration and is well liked by customers. Read More

Ex-Dish Marketing Chief Hops Over To TiVo – by Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Mar 10, 2014

Ira Bahr, Who Spearheaded Product Planning & Marketing For the 'Hopper' DVR, Is Named TiVo's CMO Ira Bahr, the former Dish Network exec who oversaw the product planning and marketing for the satellite TV giant’s “Hopper” whole-home HD-DVR, has been hired as the chief marketing officer of DVR pioneer TiVo. Read More

[Video] TiVo CEO: We have a job creation problem – CNBC - Mar 06, 2014

CEO Tom Rogers co-hosts the Kudlow Report Read More

ELLEN'S OSCAR CELEB SELFIE A LANDMARK MEDIA MOMENT – By David Bauder – Associated Press - Mar 03, 2014

Jared Leto had his TiVo moment Sunday night. The company said the clip of Leto's acting in "Dallas Buyers Club" was a moment when viewers paused their digital video recorders and rewound to see something again more than at any other point in the show. Read More

Selfies, Pizza and Promoting Brands at the Oscars – By Stuart Elliot – The New York Times - Mar 03, 2014

PepsiCo has brought up the matter with ABC, according to a post on the website adage.com, while a Coca-Cola spokeswoman expressed how “surprised and delighted” her company was to see Big Mama’s & Papa’s, a longtime Coke customer, in the show. There was some consolation for Pepsi, though: the minican commercial performed well in post-broadcast analyses of ad performance by companies like iSpotTV, Poptip and TiVo. Read More

“The Americans” on FX Tops Weekly Time Shifting Ranking from TiVo – by Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - Mar 02, 2014

TiVo Research (http://blog.tivo.com/category/audience-research/) has released the Top 10 programs on all of television for the week of March 17 based on percent time shifting. All 10 shows for that week, once again, aired on cable and 85.1 percent for the No. 1 entry, “The Americans” on FX, means that 85.1 percent of the audience watched “The Americans” via the DVR. FX held three of the Top 10 spots (which also included animated comedy “Archer” and drama “Justified”). The sample used by TiVo is based on 350,000 anonymous households. Read More

TiVo Swings to Profit, Adds Subscribers – by Tess Stynes – The Wall Street Journal - Feb 26, 2014

TV Set-Top Box Maker Also Plans Stock Buyback
TiVo Inc. swung to a profit as the maker of television set-top boxes continued to add subscribers.
The company also unveiled plans to repurchase an additional $100 million of its shares in the fiscal first quarter. Read More

Vyve Teams With TiVo – By Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Feb 25, 2014

Deal Centers On First Pairing Of TiVo Service With Evolution-Made HD-DTA Boxes Vyve Broadband, a tier 2 operator formerly known as BCI Broadband, said it has tapped TiVo to develop and deploy what will be the first implementation of TiVo running on low-cost HD-Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs) made by Evolution Digital. HD-DTAs are hi-def versions of simple one-way, digital-to-analog channel zappers that MSOs are using to power their all-digital migrations. HD-DTA units are expected to cost in the sub-$50 range when sold in volume. Read More

Virgin Media recruits apprentices to support TiVo and broadband – by Nathan George – T3 - Feb 23, 2014

Virgin Media is recruiting youngsters from its apprenticeship scheme to meet the growing demand for its superfast broadband and TiVo service. Virgin Media will employ 116 engineering and management apprentices this week with more opportunities to be made available this summer across the UK. Read More

Demos Split On TV Viewing: Millennials Favor Streaming Sites, VOD – By Wayne Friedman – Media Post - Feb 20, 2014

Millennials video consumption offers some complicated news for traditional TV networks and program providers. Some 72% of those born between the early 1980s and 2000s report using free streaming sites, such as Hulu, TV network streaming Web sites or YouTube, according to a new TiVo survey. The upside: They still favor traditional TV genres. Read More

RCN gets Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo with Opera TV launch on TiVo boxes – FierceCable - Feb 19, 2014

RCN gets Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo with Opera TV launch on TiVo boxes. RCN is beginning to offer subscribers with TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) set-tops the ability to access HTML5 apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo on TV. Read More

RCN Is First TiVo MSO Partner To Launch Opera TV Store – By Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Feb 18, 2014

Integration Of Online Storefront Paves Way For Hundreds Of Broadband-Delivered Apps
RCN is ready to sing Opera. RCN, a competitive service provider that tangles with incumbent MSOs such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems, has become the first pay-TV operator to launch the Opera TV Store on its MSO-supplied TiVo boxes, a move that will make way for hundreds of broadband-delivered video, music, gaming, and social media apps. Read More

Virgin Media announces two millionth TiVo customer – by Matthew Sparkes – The Telegraph - Feb 12, 2014

Virgin Media has connected its 2,000,000th TiVo customer in the UK
The two millionth Virgin Media TiVo customer has been connected since the service launched in December 2010.Customers can record three shows at the same time as watching an existing recording and get an intelligent search and recommendation feature. They can also pause and rewind live television. Read More

SOCHI SCENE: Rewatched moments – by David Bauder – The Associated Press - Feb 10, 2014

American skater Ashley Wagner is responsible for the most rewatched moment during NBC's Saturday night coverage of the Winter Olympics from Sochi. TiVo Research said Sunday that viewers stopped and rewound their digital video recorders to see Wagner looking up at the scoreboard after skating to Pink Floyd more than at any other point of the broadcast. The second most rewatched moment also came during figure skating. People wanted to see Russia's Julia Lipnitskaia spin that ended with one leg held vertically over her head. Men's slopestyle accounted for the other three of the top five rewatched moments. Read More

Jay Leno’s Top 5 Moments from His Final “Tonight Show” – By Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - Feb 07, 2014

TiVo Research and Analytics has released the top 5 moments from Jay Leno’s final appearance as host of “The Tonight Show.” No. 1 on the list was six minutes into the show when Leno showed a video clip of his favorite moments. And the other four are as follows: Read More

Does TiVo Have the Secret Sauce For A Seamless TV Experience? – By J. Max Robbins – Forbes - Feb 04, 2014

When TiVo TIVO +0.08% launched in 1999 with its digital video recorder, it turned the company’s name into a verb and upended the TV business. Since then TiVo has continued to disrupt how media is consumed, measured, bought and sold, most recently with its $135 million acquisition of the cloud-based media service company Digitalsmiths. Read More

‘Seinfeld’ reunion most TiVo’d Super Bowl ad – By Claire Atkinson – New York Post - Feb 03, 2014

It seems people still love the show about nothing. The “Seinfeld” reunion was the most re-watched commercial in the Super Bowl, according to digital recording company TiVO. The ad which was commissioned by Fox network and promoted Seinfeld’s web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” lit up TiVo boxes last night.The ad was aimed at providing viewers with a New York connection to the Super Bowl but was not paid for by either the comedian or by Sony which airs the series on Crackle, according to reports. Read More

TiVo and Twitter Track The Super Bowl – By Scott Budman – NBC Bay Area - Feb 03, 2014

The big data is in from the big game. TiVo and Twitter released their annual stats on what was watched, re-watched, and Tweeted about during the Super Bowl. Not surprisingly, the Bruno Mars halftime show, along with the Budweiser dog and horse ad, were the most replayed moments outside of the game. TiVo says the bad snap to start the game and the kick returned for a touchdown to start the second half were the most re-watched plays of the game. Read More

Kevin Hunt: Tivo Roamio Brings Live, Recorded Shows To Mobile Devices – By Kevin Hunt – The Hartford Currant - Feb 03, 2014

TiVo isn't exactly breaking up with its longtime partner, the household television, but it now has permission to pursue other relationships. Read More

How the Grammys Were Consumed: Tivo's Top Moments – Billboard - Feb 01, 2014

Three of the top five most-rewatched came in the first hour Read More

TiVo Roamio, I Think I Love You – By David Pogue – Yahoo! Tech - Jan 30, 2014

Maybe I shouldn’t write this review of the new TiVo Roamio. Maybe I should recuse myself. Because, frankly, I come with a built-in bias the size of Mount Rushmore. Which is this: I already love TiVo. I always have. I bought the first one ever, back in 1999. I was giddy about it. I could look over a list of every show that would be on TV in the next two weeks and select the ones I wanted to record — without ever knowing or caring about the time or channel. I could auto-record every episode of some show (creating what TiVo calls a Season Pass). By punching in a secret sequence on my remote, I could create a 30-second-skip button for vaulting past commercials. Read More

TiVo to buy content discovery service for $135M – Associated Press - Jan 29, 2014

TiVo will spend $135 million in cash to acquire Digitalsmiths, a company that provides searches of TV content across a variety of devices. The pay TV service said Digitalsmiths has ties with seven of the top 10 U.S. pay-TV operators, and reaches 64 percent of the nation's pay-TV households. Pay-TV providers use its technology to recommend and let users search for and discover TV content on devices such as the Xbox, PlayStation, set-top boxes and smartphones. Read More

TiVo: Multitasking TV viewers more engaged than you think – by Michelle Clancy – Rapid TV News - Jan 24, 2014

While we may all occasionally check our phones or emails, or post a status update or two while watching TV, most of us are actually actively watching TV programming when the sets are on, according to TiVo's 2013 Social Media and Multitasking Survey. Read More

TiVo Takes a Look at America's Viewing Habits – by Nina Zipkin – Entrepreneur - Jan 24, 2014

When you can get your favorite TV shows just about anywhere and anytime, does that affect how closely you pay attention to what's actually on? A new poll from DVR innovator TiVo shed some light on our "second screen" viewing habits. Read More

Verizon Plans to Buy Intel Media Division to Expand Its Television Services – By Brian X. Chen and Quentin Hardy – The New York Times (subscription required) - Jan 23, 2014

Verizon Communications wants to make TV available whenever customers have an Internet connection, and on whatever screen they are looking at. On Tuesday, the company announced a shot in the arm for those ambitions. Read More

Study: TV Viewers Prefer Not to Multitask – By Paul Bond – The Hollywood Reporter - Jan 23, 2014

TiVo says 76 percent of TV viewers like to focus on what they are watching rather than on social media and other distractions. Good news for the television industry: even with smartphones, the Internet, Twitter and other distractions, TV viewers overwhelmingly prefer to focus on the shows they are tuned into rather than multitask.Those findings and more are courtesy of a new study from TiVo that the pioneer of the DVR is set to release Thursday. Read More

Com Hem Boxes Up Netflix – By Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Jan 21, 2014

Swedish MSO Starts To Offer Netflix On Leased TiVo-Powered Set-Tops Com Hem, Sweden’s largest cable operator, has begun to offer Netflix in leased Samsung set-tops that run the TiVo platform, an addition that is being launched about a month later than originally anticipated.
According to a translated version of the Com Hem web site, the MSO is offering three months of Netflix when customers opt for the TiVo Max package, which includes 79 TV channels (including 17 in HD) and a Samsung box outfitted with 1-terabyte of storage. Read More

Virgin Media and TiVo name breakthrough music acts for 2014 – Rene Millman – Recombu - Jan 17, 2014

Brit Awards Critics’ Choice nominees Ella Eyre and Chloe Howl are among the 13 most exciting musical acts for this year, according to Virgin Media subscribers.Virgin Media has today announced its shortlist of breakthrough music artists to watch out for in 2014 as part of its Music On Demand service. Virgin Media has whittled down a long list to the 13 most exciting new musical talents of the year; including Brit Awards Critics’ Choice nominees Ella Eyre and Chloe Howl. Read More

Comcast Dropping ‘AnyPlay’ – By Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Jan 16, 2014

MSO To Discontinue In-Home Streaming Device On March 31 as Other Video Options Rise Up
Comcast is discontinuing AnyPlay, a specialized video encoding device that delivers live TV to iOS and Android devices over the subscriber’s home network, on March 31.Comcast developed the single-stream AnyPlay device in partnership with Motorola Home, a unit now part of Arris Group that had marketed the product under the Televation brand. Read More

Aereo's Supreme Court battle may change how you watch TV – by Joan E. Solsman – CNET - Jan 15, 2014

The case against the company that streams over-the-air programming could affect whether you watch your favorite sports for free and what you can store in the cloud.A tiny startup you've probably never heard of is heading to the US Supreme Court, and it could change how the entire country watches TV.
The top court in the country on Friday agreed to hear the case pitting television broadcasters against Aereo, an online subscription service with arrays of miniature antennas that grab over-the-air programming, stream it online to paying members, and store it for them in a remote DVR. Read More

Harris Broadcast Completes Purchase Of Imagine Communications – by Jeff Baumgartner Multichannel News - Jan 15, 2014

Deal Aims To Beef Up Harris’s Adaptive Bit Rate Portfolio For Multiscreen Video Harris Broadcast on Wednesday wrapped up its acquisition of Imagine Communications, a vendor that specializes in adaptive bit rate technology for TV Everywhere, over-the-top video  and other multiscreen video applications. Read More

Deloitte predicts pay-TV will double up – By Robert Briel – Broadband TV News - Jan 15, 2014

Deloitte predicts by the end of 2014 the number of wordlwide homes with double or more pay-TV subscriptions will grow to 50 million homes.The additional subscriptions generate about £3 billion (€3.6bn) in revenues. Over the coming years, the number of households with multiple subscriptions should continue rising, as more content owners and aggregators, including platform owners such as cable and satellite providers, make their content portfolios available via subscription video-on-demand (SVOD). A further stimulus to the market will be the increasing availability of inexpensive HDMI dongles, which connect TV sets to the Web. Read More

Charter-TWC merger potential cheered by chiefs of TiVo, ActiveVideo – by Steve Donohue – Fierce Cable - Jan 14, 2014

ActiveVideo has demonstrated cloud-based TiVo interface that could deliver Netflix to pay TV subs
On the eve of Charter's (Nasdaq: CHTR) offer to acquire Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC), top executives at technology vendors TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) and ActiveVideo told FierceCable that a Charter-TWC marriage could drive growth for their companies as the major MSOs look to introduce new products, including cloud-based program guides capable of delivering Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) content on TV. Read More

TiVo’s binge-watchers take the world record at ces 2014, then get carted off by emts – by Ryan Waniata – Digital Trends - Jan 13, 2014

After almost four days, a fountain of energy drinks, and an atmosphere of aromas that we don’t even want to imagine, TiVo’s superfans have done it. Locked down in a makeshift living room at TiVo’s CES booth, a trio of newly-anointed professional binge-watchers accomplished their goal of watching 87 straight hours of TV, securing their place in the Guinness Book of World Records, and giving the rest of us the will to fulfill our New Year’s resolution to get outside more this year. Read More

[Video] Is This the Year TV Finally Fixes Content Discovery? – By Jeanine Poggi – Ad Age - Jan 09, 2014

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to content, but the TV industry has been late in providing viewers with a simple way to find what they want to watch, said Tara Maitra, senior VP and general manager-content and media sales at TiVo, at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year will be about finally creating a better user experience. Read More

CES Q&A: TiVo CEO Tom Rogers On Why TV Still Doesn’t Serve Viewers Well – By David Lieberman – Deadline - Jan 09, 2014

TiVo has a special relationship with the International CES. In 1999, the company helped to popularize the reputation of what was then known as the Consumer Electronics Show as a showcase for cutting-edge technology when it introduced visitors to the DVR. The device promised to revolutionize television by divorcing TV viewing from the network-dictated timetable, and empowering people to skip over ads. Tom RogersNow about half of all homes have a DVR, and TiVo CEO Tom Rogers is navigating his company through new changes in technology and business that will even more dramatically change where and how people watch TV. Deadline caught up with him at the Las Vegas confab this week to see what forecasts about the medium are real — and which ones are just hype. Here are his thoughts, edited for length and clarity. Read More

Almost 90% of TiVo subscribers are "binge viewers" – Telecompaper - Jan 09, 2014

Almost 90 percent of TiVo subscribers admit to binge-viewing in the past few months, having watched three or more episodes of a given programme in a single day, according to a new report from TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA). One in four hour-long TV programmes was viewed as part of a binge and nearly one-fifth of every thirty-minute programme was viewed as part of a binge. The two most predominantly binged genres are dramas and crime dramas, followed by reality TV, sitcoms and home improvement programming. Additionally, the survey revealed that binging is a lonely habit, with more than half of bingers reporting never or rarely binging with others. The primary reported motivator for binge viewing is "to catch up on missed episodes," followed closely by "to improve the viewing experience and maintain continuity". Read More

TiVo's Second-Screen Service Sees Strong Results – by Wayne Friedman – Media Post - Jan 08, 2014

TiVo says its new streaming service, which allows content from its DVR units to be seen on mobile devices, has seen strong usage among consumers -- with the average number of streaming sessions up 50% in the second half of 2013 and the time spent on streaming session 20% higher on a per-user monthly basis. Read More

TiVo announces partnership with Control4 – Telecompaper - Jan 08, 2014

TiVo and Control4 have announced a partnership to enable Control4 systems to control TiVo device features and functionality. By opening up its API, initially TiVo will provide access to, Now Playing information and TiVo Peanut remote functionality with further integration of TiVo features and services being added in the future. The partnership will leverage Control4's Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) software ease the integration of TiVo in the home. With SDDP, the Control4 home automation system automatically finds and adds supported devices to the platform, reducing the time to install and programme a Control4 automation system, of any size. TiVo will be offering Control4 interfaces including: Info (Show), My Shows, What to Watch (coming later) and Remote. Read More

TiVo expands into home automation with Control4 deal – By Steve Donoue –FierceCable - Jan 08, 2014

TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) said it is teaming up with home automation technology vendor Control4 Corp. to allow consumers who buy its new Roamio DVR to access programming through Control4's home automation interface. Control4 competes with iControl, the home automation and security software provider that powers services that have been deployed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other MSOs. Read More

TiVo To Demo Network DVR Prototype At CES – By Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Jan 05, 2014

Says Approach Can Help Operators Develop Catch-Up Services, Splice Targeted Ads Into Recorded Shows TiVo said it will show off a prototype of a network-based DVR here at the annual CE conference, presenting the progress it has made since announcing plans for the cloud-based offering last September at the IBC show in Amsterdam. Read More

Most Consumers Unfamiliar With TV Everywhere – by Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Jan 03, 2014

Just 4% Know Their Login Credentials, According to RAMP Poll. Further illustrating the challenge faced by authenticated TV Everywhere services, 82% of consumers are unfamiliar with the concept and just 4% know their login information, according to a recent poll conducted by video search firm RAMP. The survey, conducted on LinkedIn during the fourth quarter of 2013, also found that 67%  have never watched TV through their cable provider’s website or app. In comparison, just 5% said they use TV Everywhere services “many times per week,” and 9% said they use them on a daily basis. Read More

New Venture for AllThingsD Journalists – by Ravi Somaiya – The New York Times (subscription required) - Jan 02, 2014

Walter S. Mossberg and Kara Swisher, founders of the conference and news business All Things Digital, are expected to start their new venture, ReCode, on Thursday. Read More

TVPlayer app set for launch – by Colin Mann – Advanced Television - Jan 02, 2014

Live streaming, catch-up TV and media management solutions provider Simplestream has confirmed the availability of its free live TV streaming app – TVPlayer – prior to a full service launch later in January. Read More

Quickflix launches on TiVo – Telecompaper - Dec 17, 2013

Australian DVD rental and online movie company Quickflix has made its service available on TiVo media devices. As a special introductory offer, Quickflix will be offering TiVo customers who are new to Quickflix two free months of unlimited movies and TV shows through their TiVo, as well as access to its unlimited DVD and Blu-ray rental service. Read More

TiVo testing thumbs-up / thumbs-down interactive voting on 'The Voice' – by Chris Ziegler – The Verge - Dec 15, 2013

More than a decade after its introduction, TiVo is putting its trademark thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons to good use. Well, "good" is strictly a matter of opinion in this case: Zatz not Funny! reports that the DVR maker is testing a feature on next Monday's episode of NBC's The Voice that will allow participants to vote on contestants' performances right from their remotes. Read More

Top 5 TiVo Moments from Miniseries “Bonnie & Clyde” – By Marc Berman – TV Media Insights - Dec 10, 2013

TiVo Research and Analytics has released the top 5 moments from Sunday (part one) and Monday’s (part two) telecast of “Bonnie & Clyde” on Lifetime, A&E and History, and they are as follows: Read More

Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Home Theater – By Engadget Staff – Engadget - Dec 09, 2013

Welcome to Engadget's holiday gift guide! Head back to our hub to see the rest of the product guides as they're added throughout the month. Read More

NBC's 'Sound of Music Live': Top 5 TiVo Moments – by Philiana Ng – The Hollywood Reporter - Dec 06, 2013

THR highlights the most-recorded moments of the three-hour live performance Thursday night.
NBC scored big with the ambitious live production of The Sound of Music on Thursday evening, drawing 18.5 million viewers to the three-hour extravaganza.
Country star Carrie Underwood led the cast as Maria von Trapp opposite True Blood's Stephen Moyer as Captain von Trapp, as well as seasoned theater vets Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti and Christian Borle. The pre-recorded soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes, with a DVD hitting shelves Dec. 17. Read More

Top Gifts for Bay Area Techies – by Nick Trenchard – 7x7 - Dec 03, 2013

For the tech lover, getting a sweater for a present doesn’t cut it anymore. Nor do socks, hand-me-downs and anything that's close to a coupon for a free hug. Instead, our interests lie in the hundreds of new gadgets stocking the shelves this holiday season. And we're not alone. Read More

'MCN' Editors Name 2014 Class Of Wonder Women – Multichannel News - Dec 01, 2013

Twelve Execs To Be Honored At Luncheon Event On March 26
The editors of Multichannel News have selected the 12 women in the Class of 2014 of Wonder Women. They will be profiled in the Jan. 27 edition of the magazine and honored at a March 26 luncheon in New York City, co-sponsored by WICT New York. Read More

TiVo Boasts Record Gains – by Alan Breznick – Light Reading - Nov 28, 2013

After clashing with cable operators for years, TiVo is definitely enjoying its new role as cable's best friend for life.
Capping off another strong fiscal quarter, TiVo Inc. (Nasdaq: TIVO) added nearly 300,000 cable subscribers in the three-month period ending October 31, a record total for the DVR pioneer. Read More

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Him – InStyle - Nov 20, 2013

Find the perfect present for each man in your life with our fun and stylish finds.
Tivo, $600; tivo.com. Read More

Blue Ridge to deploy TiVo T6, Preview and Mini boxes – by Steve Donohue – Fierce Cable - Nov 19, 2013

Pennsylvania-based cable operator Blue Ridge Communications is making a big bet on TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO), announcing a deal to deploy every product it is marketing to pay TV distributors, from DVRs to a Web portal. Read More

Top 35 Tech Gifts for 2013 – By Rich Jaroslovsky and Cliff Edwards – Bloomberg News - Nov 18, 2013

'Tis the Season
Not that long ago, a high-tech gift meant, basically, a computer or accessory. Then came smartphones and tablets and, well, these days just about everything is high-tech, from speakers to wristwatches. Read More

Mediacom Readies Rollout Of Pace/TiVo Combo – by Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Nov 18, 2013

MG1 Gateway With TiVo’s UI To Serve As Mediacom's ‘Flagship’ QAM/IP Platform
Mediacom Communications has begun to deploy the Pace MG1 media server/gateway outfitted with the TiVo user interface as the operator’s “flagship” hybrid QAM/IP platform, the U.K.-based set-top maker announced Monday. Read More

Atlantic Broadband debuts TiVo in Miami – Rapid TV News - Nov 15, 2013

Atlantic Broadband's TiVo-powered multiscreen digital entertainment service is debuting in the Miami area.
The coverage area includes Miami, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor Islands, Golden Beach, Miami Beach, North Bay Village, South Miami, Sunny Isles Beach and Surfside, and partially served areas such as Aventura and Pinecrest. Read More

Netflix Arrives On Virgin Media TiVo Boxes With 6 Months Free Offer – By Steve Sanger – World TV PC - Nov 14, 2013

In a groundbreaking move, the popular streaming service Netflix has gone live on Virgin Media cable boxes.
The Netflix service is now available on Virgin Media boxes in the UK, and as a sweetener you can have it free for six months. The online subscription service can be accessed by over 1.8 million Virgin Media TiVo boxes. Read More

Out-Home Home Upgrades Reach The TiVo Stream – by Jeff Baumgartner – Multichannel News - Nov 07, 2013

MSOs To Receive New Out-Of-Home Option In The ‘Coming Weeks’
TiVo has begun to release a software update that adds out-of-home streaming capabilities to the TiVo Stream, the standalone transcoding sidecar that can be paired with the TiVo Premiere HD-DVR and the entry level TiVo Roamio box. Read More

Almost half of Virgin Media TV customers are tuning into TiVo – by Thomas Newton – Recombu - Nov 06, 2013

Virgin Media’s smart TV entertainment powerhouse TiVo continues to add customers, with 1.8 million, almost half of Virgin TV customers, now taking the service.
In the last three months 165,000 Virgin TV subscribers took TiVo, and a total of 679,000 viewers signed up over the last 12. Read More

'The Blacklist' Is Fall's Most DVRed New Show – by Michael O'Connell – The Hollywood Reporter - Nov 06, 2013

NBC's freshman drama tops rivals, jumping 67 percent, with "Sleepy Hollow" and "Agents of SHIELD" following in second and third place.
More than six weeks into the fall TV season, a significant number of new series -- led by NBC's The Blacklist, ABC's Agents of SHIELD and Fox's Sleepy Hollow -- are making up for post-premiere dips with eye-popping DVR ratings. Read More

With TiVo, More Features for TV Lovers – by Gregory Schmidt – The New York Times - Nov 05, 2013

Review: TiVo’s Roamio DVR
TiVo knows what television lovers want.
Lately, the company has faced increased competition from old rivals like cable and satellite companies and newer ones like stand-alone streaming devices, video game consoles and mobile devices. With its fifth-generation device, Roamio, TiVo answers the challenge by adding more features that TV lovers want. Read More

Meet the New Streaming Brain in Your Living Room – By Jon Wilde – GQ - Nov 05, 2013

Say good-bye to digging through a packed DVR, 500 cable channels, and a slew of streaming apps to find the one show you want. A trio of new gadgets aim to organize the mess of content flooding into your TV. Welcome to the ultra-connected, (sometimes eerily) intelligent entertainment center. Read More

TiVo Debuts App to Help You Stop TV-Show Cheating – by Samantha Murphy Kelly – Mashable - Nov 03, 2013

For couples who watch television together, there's no betrayal like sneaking in an episode ahead of time when the other person isn't around.
A new app called Roamio or Else from digital video recorder company TiVo lets you send playful e-postcards that warn your significant other to not watch an episode without you. The app can be accessed on Facebook or via its microsite, Tivo: Everybody Cheats. Read More

TiVo and comScore solution for P&G – Advanced Television - Nov 01, 2013

TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA), a provider of single-source TV viewing and purchase data, and comScore, a specialist in measuring the digital world, have partnered for a deal with the Procter & Gamble as its single-source cross-media measurement solution. The agreement covers P&G’s US media spend for TV and digital. Read More

Atlantic Broadband To Roll With TiVo’s Roamio DVR - Jeff Baumgartner - Multichannel News - Oct 15, 2013

Will Be First Cable Operator To Offer a Leased Version of TiVo’s New DVR Platform
TiVo confirmed that Atlantic Broadband is the first operator that will roll out a leased version of the vendor's new Roamio DVR.
Atlantic Broadband, an MSO owned by Canada-based Cogeco Cable that serves more than 250,000 customers western Pennsylvania; Miami Beach; Aiken, S.C., and parts of Maryland and Delaware, will start with the Roamio Plus model when it unleashes its TiVo offer, TiVo spokesman Steve Wymer said via email, confirming a Bloomberg report. Read More

[Video] TiVo CEO: Hope to reinvent television - CNBC Mad Money - Oct 15, 2013

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers TiVo's efforts to simplify the television experience, and the opportunity he sees with Netflix. "Netflix has great content, we define the entirety of the experience," he explains. Read More

GCI expands TiVo service in Kodiak, Alaska - Telecompaper - Oct 11, 2013

GCI has expanded its TiVo home television service in Kodiak, Alaska. GCI TV powered by TiVo's user interface allows customers to access and discover live programming and video on demand through personalised recommendations and search and discovery capabilities. Read More

Tivo sparks Com Hem into biggest-ever marketing campaign - Julian Clover - Broadband TV News - Oct 08, 2013

Com Hem has launched its biggest-ever marketing campaign in support of the launch of its new TiVo service.
Resting its familiar characters Judit and Judit, the Swedish cablenet will instead focus on TiVo itself, with the message that the product will help save time.
“There is no other service in the Swedish market today, that offers the same unique set of features that Com Hem’s new TiVo service does and we need to explain to customers why it’s better. By letting TiVo take the lead role in the campaign, we want to explain the benefits of TiVo and how it differs from other available TV services,” said Martin Fridolf, acting marketing manager, Com Hem. Read More

10 Most TiVo'd New Fall TV Shows - Mashable - Oct 02, 2013

The remotes have spoken: TiVo has ranked fall's most anticipated new TV shows based on the programs users have scheduled to record on its popular digital recording service.
More than 70% of Americans consider the fall line up as having the best new shows of the year, with about 35% using their DVRs to record, according to TiVo's data. Read More

Com Hem launches TiVo from SEK 149/month - Telecompaper - Sep 30, 2013

Swedish operator Com Hem said it has begun selling its TiVo service at subscriptions ranging from SEK 149 to SEK 439 per month plus an activation fee of between zero and SEK 899, depending on the length of the contract. Subscription contracts range from twelve to 24 months. There are no other fees, it said. At the launch, Com Hem will offer new customers a trial of TiVo Max for the price of TiVo Mellan, which is SEK 279 per month for the first three months. Read More

Closer Ties for TiVo and dunnhumbyUSA - Mr Web - Sep 27, 2013

DVR and TV viewing data pioneer TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA) has extended its two-year relationship with dunnhumbyUSA, signing an exclusive partnership agreement further integrating the firms’ grocery purchasing and television audience data. Read More

How the Primetime Emmys Were Consumed (Infographic) - Alex Ben Block - The Hollywood Reporter - Sep 25, 2013

What was really going on behind those big ratings: Data from Twitter, Google, Facebook and Nielsen reveals a minute-by-minute account of what viewers most cared about during the show. Read More

Top Moments from The Primetime Emmy Awards - Marc Berman - TV Media Insights - Sep 24, 2013

TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA), which collects DVR viewing data, has released its top 5 moments from “The 65th Emmy Awards” on CBS Sunday. The No. 1 moment went to Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler when the first award was handed out, which could mean The Emmys might be better off choosing the perfectly matched pair to host next year rather than suddenly stale feeling Neil Patrick Harris. Read More

Online video 'aggregators' are here to stay, TiVo's CEO says - Josh Wein - Fierce Online Video - Sep 24, 2013

Online-video aggregators such as Hulu and Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) are "here to stay" and will increasingly be offered by traditional pay-TV operators alongside those operators' own services, TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) CEO Tom Rogers told investors at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference Tuesday. TiVo's recent deal with Virgin Media in the U.K., which brought Netflix's app onto a cable-operator-leased box for the first time, could serve as a template for similar partnerships in the United States. Read More

TiVo to unveil Network PVR at IBC - Telecompaper - Sep 11, 2013

TiVo has announced it will debut a prototype of its new cloud television offering, which includes new TiVo features delivered with a Network PVR, during the International Broadcasting Conference 2013 (IBC) in Amsterdam, taking place 12-17 September. Read More

TiVo, Entone partner for IPTV solution - Advanced Television - Sep 05, 2013

Hybrid TV and Connected Home solutions specialist Entone is teaming up with advanced television services pioneer TiVo, to offer an integrated solution for IPTV operators that combines Entone’s hybrid IPTV devices with the TiVo user experience.
The partnership aims to give service providers greater deployment flexibility and improved economics and provides for integration with TiVo’s cloud services, including universal search and recommendations, networked DVR service, as well as key elements of the TiVo user experience on Entone IPTV platforms. Read More

Sportmania, TCM and Garage TV go HD on ONO’s TiVo - by Juan Fernandez Gonzalez - Rapid TV News - Aug 31, 2013

Spanish cable company ONO will add three HD channels to its current offer on the TV platform TiVo. The HD versions of Sportmania, TCM and Garage TV will increase ONO’s HD offer to 31 channels.
According to ONO, the HD offered through TiVo uses the fibre network of the company, allowing speed transmissions of up to 20Mb and offering “exceptional quality”.
Sportmania HD will mostly broadcast football, with the national leagues of England, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands. It will also show the NBA, Asobal handball league, tennis grand slams - as well as ATP1000 and ATP500 - rugby, and the American NFL and NHL leagues. Read More

TiVo’s ‘Roamio’ DVRs Sing Opera - Jeff Baumgartner - Multichannel News - Aug 29, 2013

TiVo Opens Up to HTML5-Based Apps, Prepares to Integrate the Opera TV Store
TiVo is going big with HTML5 via a partnership with Opera Software that will give Opera developers a way to create apps for TiVo’s newly minted Roamio line of DVRs.
TiVo said its integration of the Opera Devices SDK  will enable it to deliver Web and HTML5 content to retail customers as well as MSO partners and set the stage to offer apps and content via the Opera TV Store, an HTML5-based storefront with “lean back” apps that are optimized for the TV screen. TiVo plans to deploy  the Opera TV Store by “early next year.” YouTube is the first HTML5-based app supported by TiVo’s new Roamio lineup. Read More

TiVo Revs Hit $100M, Add 1M New Subscribers - Wayne Friedman - Media Post - Aug 28, 2013

Recent settlements with Cisco and Motorola -- boosted by new cable operator deals -- have boosted TiVo net earnings to a new record.
Net income soared to $268.9 million in its fiscal second quarter versus a $27.7 million loss. Net revenues were up to $100 million from $65 million in the previous period. Read More

Com Hem ups connections, preps TiVo launch - Digital TV Europe - Aug 28, 2013

Swedish cable operator Com Hem recorded 1.78 million connected homes at the end of the second quarter, up 30,000 from last year, and confirmed that its long-awaited TiVo launch will come this quarter.
Com Hem said that it took a “crucial step” towards its TiVo rollout in Q2 after opening pre-registrations for the service and said that both TiVo and its new broadband portfolio, which will offer downstream speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s, will be available in the market during Q3. Read More

TiVo’s Rogers: Local Storage Still Trumps the Cloud - Jeff Baumgartner - Multichannel News - Aug 28, 2013

TiVo’s Baseline Service Has Become Increasingly Cloud-Based, But Home Storage ‘Has Much Better Functionality Right Now,’ Exec Says
Even as TiVo’s underlying service functions continue to become more and more cloud-based, don’t expect the company to develop a network-based DVR product that would accommodate its retail platform anytime soon. Read More

TiVo Roamio Reinvents the Cable Box for the Digital Streaming Age - Christina Warren - Mashable - Aug 27, 2013

With the TiVo Roamio line, TiVo hopes to marry the cable TV with digital streaming services. But is it enough to keep the company relevant?
I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for TiVo. Even before I bought my first TiVo box back in 2003, I was a fan of the service and its functionality. Cable DVRs were only starting to roll out — and the interface was a gigantic mess. Moreover, my TiVo had features such as home network support, box-to-box transfers and the ability to stream podcasts. TiVo was a product literally years ahead of its time.
The problem was that the shift to HDTV worked against the company. A box that once worked well with SD channels on an HDTV didn't adapt to the HD world. Instead, using a TiVo required cumbersome adaptors and crucial trade-offs. At the same time, it just became easier to use the DVR built into the cable company's set-top box. Even worse, television viewing increasingly shifted to include web programming — something TiVo was late to address.
When I moved to New York City in 2011, I left my TiVo boxes behind. In spite of years of loyalty (I was a volunteer hardware and software beta tester for a number of years before becoming a tech journalist), TiVo simply hadn't adapted to meet my needs as a TV viewer.
I say all of this to preface why I'm very seriously considering dropping $400 on the TiVo Roamio Plus, and why that's a big deal. 
Welcome to 2013, TiVo. We've missed you. Read More

TiVo Sees Sustained Profits as 2nd-Quarter Revenue, Earnings Jump - Ian Sherr - The Wall Street Journal - Aug 27, 2013

TiVo Inc. TIVO +5.15% announced the highest net revenue and profit in the company's history and strong subscriber growth, causing the company to predict profits ahead for the foreseeable future.
The company, which has mostly posted losses since the second half of 2009, said results for its second fiscal quarter and ongoing royalty payments stemming from patent litigation eased doubts about its long-term profitability. Read More

Perhaps the TiVo Roamio can serve as inspiration for an Apple TV DVR - Dennis Sellers - Apple Daily Report - Aug 21, 2013

TiVO has launched the TiVo Roamio (love the name) DVR, a gadget to watch  live, recorded, on-demand and over-the-top television. Perhaps Apple should be “inspired” by some of its features and include them in an high end version of its Apple TV set-top box. Of course, the features would also be perfect if and when we ever see the rumored Apple HDTV: the “iTV.” Read More

VIDEO: TiVo introduces new 'Roamio' - CNBC - Aug 20, 2013

Tom Rogers discusses the company's new set-top box which allows viewers to watch pre-recorded shows on portable devices. Read More

TiVo Updates Set-Top Boxes in Bid to Boost Retail Sales - Cliff Edwards - Bloomberg - Aug 20, 2013

 TiVo Inc. (TIVO), looking to stem a decline in retail sales of its digital video recorders, introduced new set-top boxes that offer more storage space and greater ability to stream shows to mobile devices.
 The Roamio line, which goes on sale today, replaces TiVo’s Premiere models with features like Wi-fi that were previously sold separately, according to a statement. A faster processor means services like Netflix will take less time to appear on screens, and customers can record as many as six programs at a time, storing as much as 450 hours of HD content. Read More

TiVo romances TV viewers with Roamio DVR - Doug Gross - CNN.com - Aug 20, 2013

O Roamio, Roamio, wherefore art thou Roamio? The answer, hopes TiVo, is next to your TV.
TiVo, which pioneered the digital-video recorder in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is back with Roamio, its first new line of DVRs in three years. The devices were announced Tuesday by the company, which hopes Roamio rekindles a classic romance with customers. Read More

TiVo RoamioPro review: this is the ultimate cable box - by NilayPatel - The Verge - Aug 20, 2013

 But oh, the price
 There is nothing more instantly dangerous to the average relationship than screwing up the TV.
 It’s just a fact, crystallized in 50 years of jokes about remote controls: who’s holding it, how complicated it is, how many there are. Unlike almost every other piece of technology in your home, the TV is shared space, and the delicate politics of that space are potentially explosive. The TV industry moves slowly because it understands this; the early adopter curve is forever depressed by arguments over glitchy interfaces and missed recordings that are really just proxy battles for arguments about space and commitment and doing the dishes.
 These were the thoughts going through my head late last Saturday night as I struggled to install the new TiVo Roamio Pro, a $599 DVR that lets you record 450 hours of HD programming on six channels at once, and stream it all to iPads over your home Wi-Fi. (And soon, over any Wi-Fi anywhere.) It also has Netflix, Spotify, and a YouTube app with basic Chromecast support. It is a remarkable and ambitious product, and very likely the best cable box ever made. Read More

TiVo Roamio Plus review: TiVo's new DVRs are the company's best yet - Ben Drawbaugh - Engadget - Aug 20, 2013

 It's been three and a half years since the last major TiVo release and while the company has offered some new features since -- via hardware revisions, software updates and accessories -- we're very excited to tell you that TiVo is back. The three new TiVo Roamio DVRs range in price from $200 to $600 (plus service), all with at least four tuners and built-in WiFi. And the Pro and the Plus have integrated TiVo Stream functionality. The cool new trick is out-of-home streaming for both live and recorded shows, with the ability to download shows to your iOS devices while away from home. (Note: this feature isn't coming to the Roamio until this fall, so we tested it with a TiVo Stream instead). There's also a new remote that no longer relies on IR, as well as a refreshed user interface, which includes the What to Watch Now feature and new Netflix and YouTube apps -- that launch quickly now. We'll get into all the highs and the lows in just a moment, but we're pretty confident in saying these are TiVo's best boxes to date. Read More

Three thumbs up for the new TiVo Roamio DVRs - Rakesh Agrawal - Venture Beat - Aug 20, 2013

The best DVRs just got a whole lot better.
TiVo’s newly announced line of Roamio DVRs raises the bar on what a DVR can be, while also providing a needed update to the TiVo line, whose last significant update was more than three years ago.
TiVo lent me a pre-production unit of its high-end Roamio Pro, which I’ve been testing for the last couple of weeks. The Roamio series includes the Roamio (4 tuners, up to 75 hours of HD recording), Roamio Plus (6 tuners, up to 150 hours of HD recording), and Roamio Pro (6 tuners, up to 450 hours of HD recording). The Plus and Pro also include built in streaming functionality, which lets you stream live or recorded content to iPads and iPhones. Shows can also be downloaded to the device for offline viewing, such as an on a plane. (Some content, like HBO programming, cannot be downloaded or streamed because of restrictions by the programmer.) Read More

VIDEO: TiVo CEO ‘Roamio’ is Apple TV, Google TV, Netflix All in One - Fox Business - Aug 20, 2013

Tom Rogers on the company’s latest digital-video recorder, Roamio. Read More

VIDEO: Tivo CEO Rogers Discusses New Set-Top Box - Bloomberg TV - Aug 20, 2013

Tom Rogers talks about Tivo's new Roamio set-top boxes. Rogers speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." Read More

New Roamio: TiVo on the Go - Walt Mossberg - Wall Street Journal - Aug 20, 2013

Last week, I wrote about the many ways to get Internet video on your TV. Several readers asked how to do the opposite—how to view standard cable TV content, in real time, on a smartphone and tablet. So this week, I’m reviewing a new version of a familiar product that does just that.
It’s a new generation of the TiVo, the slick cable-TV box and DVR. Called the Roamio, it has the ability to stream live and recorded cable TV to an iPhone or iPad, without any extra hardware or adapters. For now, the Roamio can only stream to the two Apple devices when they are on your home network. But in October or November, the company will expand its streaming range, free of charge, so you can get cable TV on an iPhone or iPad, anywhere that has Wi-Fi. Read More

New TiVo DVRs seek TV viewers' love - Mike Snider - USA TODAY - Aug 20, 2013

The new TiVo Roamio digital video recorders record up to six programs simultaneously and integrate Net video services such as Netflix into your digital cable and Verizon FiOS programming.
TiVo is flexing its interactive TV muscles again.
Three new Roamio digital video recorders that go on sale today aim to transform home TV viewing by integrating Net video favorites such as Netflix and Amazon into an improved DVR that can record up to six programs simultaneously. Read More

Com Hem trials new TiVo service - Digital TV Europe - Aug 19, 2013

Swedish cable operator Com Hem is trialling its new TiVo service ahead of its full launch.
In a blog post, the firm said that it has selected 20 people who will test the service over four weeks, who will blog about their experience. Read More

TiVo Hooks Up With Grouper - Jeff Baumgartner - Multichannel News - Aug 19, 2013

DVR Pioneer Will Help Grouper Achieve Its Novel Mission To ‘End Loneliness’
TiVo DVRs offer consumers a great way to record their favorite shows and movies. Thanks to a new deal with Grouper, TiVo will soon help the technology-based social club achieve its mission to “end loneliness.”
Under the deal, Grouper will work with TiVo to integrate TV and movie themes into the overall Grouper “experience,” which entails setting up drinks between two groups of three.  Once a person is accepted into the Grouper membership, the service matches up two groups, and picks a spot where they can meet, enjoy a free drink, and see where it goes from there. The Grouper member is free to bring any two wingmen or wingwomen, as it were. The $20 fee covers Grouper’s “matching and concierge service,” along with that first drink. Read More

TiVo Hires Nielsen Exec for Research-and-Analytics Sales Team - Tess Stynes - The Wall Street Journal - Aug 14, 2013

TiVo Inc. (TIVO), after cutting a deal with Nielsen Holdings NV (NLSN) earlier this year to add Nielsen data to its offering, hired Nielsen veteran Sheryl Harkins as a sales executive in the TV set-top box company's research-and-analytics business.
In a statement, TiVo said Ms. Harkins brings 25 years of experience in advertising and audience-measurement solutions for brand advertisers and media agencies. A 17-year veteran of Nielsen, she most recently was the company's senior vice president of ad solutions sales and marketing. Ms. Harkins will lead sales initiatives in the research-and-analytics business's consumer-products space. Read More

First Pace TiVo is anchored down in Anchorage - Julian Clover - Broadband TV News - Aug 12, 2013

GCI, the largest telecommunications company in Alaska, is the destination for the first TiVo unit to be manufactured by Pace.
The Pace XG1 Multi-tuner Video Gateway with TiVo Advanced User Interface platform, offering its cable customers linear TV, VOD and interactive content across multiple screens and devices. Read More

TiVo nabs Emmy; launches Pace gateway with GCI - Mike Robuck - CED Magazine - Aug 12, 2013

DVR pioneer TiVo has snagged an Emmy and also announced that Alaska-based GCI was the first North American cable operator to deploy Pace’s XGI gateway on its user interface platform.
On the Emmy front, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded the 2012-2013 Emmy Award for Technical and Engineering Achievement for Personalized Recommendation Engines for Video Discovery to TiVo. The Emmy honored TiVo’s whole-home platform, which includes the TiVo Premiere DVR, TiVo Mini and TiVo Stream. Read More

TiVo continues to deliver for Virgin - Julian Clover - Broadband TV News - Aug 02, 2013

Virgin Media added another 155,000 TiVo boxes to its subscriber base in the second quarter, bringing the total to 1.7 million.
TiVo now represents 44% of Virgin’s TV base, a marked increase from the 25% at Q2 2012.
The cloud-based Virgin TV Anywhere now has 75 live channels available on PCs and 53 on iOS devices. The same app can also be used to allow viewers to remotely connect to their TV box, manage recordings, etc. Read More

TiVo Research Shows Netflix Not Eating Into Linear TV - Jon Lafayette - Multichannel News (B&C) - Jul 29, 2013

Subscribers Spend More Time Watching Premium Dramas
Netflix households watch as much traditional TV as other households, according to new data from TiVo Research and Analytics.
The research would appear to contradict the widespread conclusion that Netflix and its successful move into original programming with shows like House of Cards and Arrested Development is a threat to traditional network TV programmers. Read More

How TiVo Does the Second-Screen Experience - Rex Moore - The Motley Fool - Jul 29, 2013

[note: video embedded]
As Foolish investors, we're always looking for companies with some sort of competitive advantage, or moat.
TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO  ) has operated in a cutthroat industry since its inception. As Verizon, DIRECTV, and others began to offer their own DVRs, TiVo's subscriber count plummeted. Read More

TiVo Spanish success continues - Chris Dziadul - Broadband TV News - Jul 25, 2013

Ono ended the second quarter with over 210,000 customers, or one quarter of its pay-TV subscriber base, receiving TiVo.
The Spanish cable operator had net revenues of €401 million in the quarter, or 3% more than in the corresponding period last year. Read More

TiVo Premiere isn’t the ultimate, but it’s in the running - Hiawatha Bray - The Boston Globe (Online and Print) - Jul 12, 2013

If you’re a Comcast Corp. subscriber, you can dig a little deeper into your wallet and opt for the Premiere, an impressive device from TiVo Inc. that delivers cable TV, Internet entertainment, and quite a bit more in one package.
Read More

Virgin Media opens door to TiVo games portal - Rapid TV News - Jul 05, 2013

Aiming to address the needs of its 1.5 million TiVo customers, Virgin Media has launched a new casual TV-based gaming portal, Play Games.
Designed in conjunction with the UK cableco's app development partner Two Way Media, the portal includes enhanced levels of player recommendation, personalisation and content discovery for Virgin TV customers who have to date racked up more than one million game plays on the TiVo platform. Read More

Atlantic Broadband goes exclusive with TiVo - Brian Santo - CED Magazine - Jun 14, 2013

Atlantic Broadband will rely exclusively on TiVo for customer premise equipment, and will become the first U.S. MSO to leverage TiVo's complete product suite, according to the vendor, which also said the deal is exclusive. Read More

TiVo brings its mobile apps to cable providers, TiVo hardware not required HD - Jon Fingas - Engadget - Jun 10, 2013

TiVo's mobile apps have so far been limited to those who use the company's DVRs, but that audience is about to get much larger. The company has just launched a "powered by TiVo" program that will bring the apps' Live Guide and content searching to cable TV providers, whether or not there's a TiVo box attached. Read More

Tivo settles with Cisco, Motorola and Time Warner - Bree Fowler - Associated Press - Jun 07, 2013

Tivo settled patent disputes with Cisco, Motorola Mobility and Time Warner Cable, averting a trial that was to begin next week and bringing to a close a string of long-running legal squabbles over its pioneering digital video recorder technology.
The terms fell well short of what most Tivo investors had expected, however, and shares of Tivo plunged 18 percent Friday. Read More

Vubiquity Connects With TiVo - Jeff Baumgartner - Multichannel News - Jun 05, 2013

Vubiquity and TiVo have inked a deal to integrate Vubiquity’s authenticated AnyVU streaming service with TiVo broadband-connected DVRs that are sold to MSOs and leased out to cable customers.
The integration, which does not target TiVo boxes sold at retail, will pave the way to offer ViewNow, a subscription movie package from Vubiquity  that features more than 2,000 movies and is offered on set-tops as well as tablets, PCs and other IP-connected devices. Read More

TiVo Q1 biggest subs rise in 7 Years - Advanced Television - May 21, 2013

TiVo posted a narrower first-quarter loss after adding 277,000 pay-TV users - the most pay-TV subscribers gained in a quarter in seven years. The net loss of $10.3 million compared with a loss of $20.8 million year earlier.
The company is currently holding “constructive” talks with Liberty Global which is buying Virgin Media, a TiVo customer, Chief Executive Officer Tom Rogers said. TiVo supplies  UK’s Virgin Media while Liberty in Europe has its own Horizon DVR system. Read More

Top Moments From “The Office” Series Finale - Marc Berman - TV Media Insights - May 20, 2013

TiVo Research and Analytics has released the top moments from “The Office” series-ender, which concluded on NBC last Thursday with its largest audience (5.7 million) and highest rating among adults 18-49 (3.0 rating/8 share) since the January 19, 2012 telecast (according to the live plus same day data). And they are:
1. 9:00 p.m. - At the very beginning of the episode when Dwight is driving in car and derides PBS, “the propaganda wing of Bill and Melinda Gates and (looking right at the camera) viewers like you.”
2. 9:43 p.m. - Steve Carell, reprising his role as Michael Scott, arrives to surprise Dwight and be his best man.
3. 10:01 p.m. - When the cast and crew pose in front of Pam’s mural of the Office staff.
Read More

TiVo Updates iPad App With Feeds Feature - Greg Tarr - Twice - May 16, 2013

TiVo’s updated iPad app now offers “What to Watch Now” with six content feeds categorized by genre.
TiVo said that it is adding a new feeds feature to its iPad app in an update set to begin Thursday.
With the refresh, users will see a new element of the TiVo app dubbed “What to Watch Now,” offering six content feeds categorized by genre. Read More

TiVo launched in Sweden - Fredrik Söderling - Dagens Nyheter - May 14, 2013

Pay-TV and broadband operator Com Hem launches U.S. Tivo in Sweden.
Swedish TV viewers can now order their Tivo box, and the service itself starts in the fall. It is described as an all-in-one function that kills all zapping. The viewer can see what he or she wants without having to rush home to a television program that starts some time. The digital receiver can record 250 hours of television from three sources simultaneously and function looks up the program or movie is. All content from both traditional TV and broadband TV brought together into one remote control. Read More

Video Clip: Tivo CEO: This Is What Your TV Will Look Like - CNBC/YahooFinance - May 13, 2013

Tom Rogers, the president and CEO of Tivo, the digital video recording service, tells “Off The Cuff” what you can expect from your television set in the future. Rogers, the founder of CNBC and a creator of MSNBC discusses television’s transition into the digital space -- and what advertisers can learn from Tivo. Read More

Tivo Research Analytics Mines Big TV Data -Doug Henschen - Information Week - May 06, 2013

20th Century department store magnate John Wanamaker famously said, "half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."
With big data analysis, it's now possible to know which half is which. Tivo Research and Analytics (TRA) correlates data on television viewing habits to third-party purchasing data to show advertisers which ads are driving more sales, whether that's of consumer packaged goods, automobiles or even prescription drugs. TRA is even exploring correlations among television advertising and online advertising so it can help marketers allocate cross-channel campaign spending. Read More

Virgin Q1: 40% now have TiVo - Advanced Television - Apr 24, 2013

Virgin Media has announced results for the quarter ending March 31st 2013 with revenue up 3.6 per cent to £1.043 billion (€1.23bn) and operating income up 14 per cent to £150 million.
Other highlights included cable customer net additions of 8,600, churn fell to 1.1 per cent, the sixth consecutive quarter of year-on-year improvement, triple-play penetration climbed to 65 per cent quad-play penetration up to 16 per cent, and cable ARPU improved 5.2 per cent to £49.38. Read More

Ono reaches 150,000 TiVo customers - Digital TV Europe - Apr 12, 2013

Spanish cable operator ONO’s TiVo offering has now surpassed 150,000 customers, according to company stats. Read More

TiVo Adds Nielsen Data To Measurement System - David Goetzl - Media Post - Apr 09, 2013

TiVo’s audience measurement unit TRA has a deal to begin using Nielsen data in limited fashion. While TRA aims to link ad exposure with product purchasing, Nielsen ratings cannot be used by TRA for that type of single-source calculations, a Nielsen representative noted. Read More

Midcontinent Rolls Out TiVo as Hub of Next-Generation Advanced TV Offering -Mike Reynolds - Multichannel News - Apr 04, 2013

Midcontinent Communications is bringing TiVo home to its subscriber base.
The cable operator has begun deploying its next generation whole home television experience with TiVo at the core to its customers in Rapid City and the Northern Black Hills in South Dakota. Those areas are the first in Midcontinent's 300,000-customer footprint to have access to the TiVo offering followed by Minnesota, North Dakota and the remaining South Dakota markets in the coming months. Read More

Why Mini TiVo May Make You Fall Back In Love With DVR - Edward Baig - USA TODAY - Mar 20, 2013

TiVo is like an old flame. You were madly in love with this attractive new technology once, and who could blame you? TiVo did more, arguably, to change the balance of power in the TV viewer's favor than almost anything else that was out there. At first you were seduced by the ability to pause live TV and race past the commercials. But what made TiVo truly special was that you no longer had to be held captive by some TV network programmer. You could watch favorites on your own timetable — get a "Season Pass" to a show and it automatically landed on your TiVo. It didn't matter when it aired or what channel it was on. Read More

GCI Begins Deployments of TiVo Premiere - Greg Tarr - TWICE - Mar 20, 2013

San Jose, Calif. - TiVo said Thursday that cable multisystem operator GCI has begun deploying its DVR technology in a next-generation, whole home advanced television solution.
The cable operator, which is one of the 20 largest in the country, said it plans to offer TiVo across its entire subscriber base over the coming months. Read More

TiVo Goes Wandering, On The Road And At Home - David Pogue - The New York Times - Mar 14, 2013

You always remember the days that changed your life forever.  Your first kiss, the birth of a child.  The day you got a TiVo. Read More

Valentine’s Day Survey’s Surprising Results - Kristyn Burtt - SheKnows.com - Feb 14, 2013

Get ready for Valentine's Day with some revealing and interesting results on TiVo users' love lives and how they compare with current TV shows.
Read More

Flingo’s Epic Suite of Apps Lands on TiVo - Roberto Baldwin - Wired - Feb 14, 2013

Flingo’s epic suite of apps comes to TiVo Premiere boxes today, bringing you streaming content from A&E, History Channel, Showtime and others. Now you’ll have 200-plus channels and 70 apps to choose from. Read More

Flingo Makes TiVo Sexy Again By Adding Web Videos and Smart TV Apps - Tom Cheredar -  VentureBeat - Feb 14, 2013

With all the competition from streaming video and sexy competitors, TiVo may seem like an outdated relic. However, its new partnership with smart TV app startup Flingo may change that. As of today, Tivo owners can “fling” video content from the web to their TV screens using Flingo’s technology. Read More

Which TV Character’s Love Life Most Resembles Yours? - Dierdre Kaye - SheKnows.com - Feb 13, 2013

A recent TiVo study found that most of us would give up our romantic date night for a chance to spend some time with our DVRs. Are you looking for an escape from your love life or something to relate to?
Read More

TiVo: Beyonce, Snack Foods Dominate Super Bowl - Scott Budman - NBC Bay Area Tech Now! - Feb 05, 2013

According to TiVo's annual data crunching analysis, the Taco Bell "Viva Young" commercial was the most re-watched commercial of the whole game. I must admit, among the crowd I watched with, that got a ton of cheers. And it wasn't even that old of a crowd. Maybe they just like the band Fun.
Read More

The Most Re-Watched Ads Of The Super Bowl - Meg Carter - Fast Company - Feb 04, 2013

Taco Bell’s "Viva Young" was most re-watched, and the pre-game preview trend has no impact on broadcast viewing, according to TiVo.
Read More

Super Bowl Ad Roundup: Taco Bell Cleans Up With ‘Viva Young’ - TiVo - Paul Vigna - WSJ MarketBeat - Feb 04, 2013

Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” spot was the highest rated ad, Tivo senior vice president Tara Maitra said this morning on the Markets Hub. The ad showed a group of senior citizens breaking out of a retirement home and acting like a bunch of rambunctious teens, eventually ending the night sitting on their car outside a Taco Bell, as a police cruiser slowly drives by. The soundtrack is a Spanish-language version of Fun’s “We are Young.”
Read More

What Was the Worst Commercial of Super Bowl 2013?--POLL - Erin Strecker  - Entertainment Weekly - Feb 04, 2013

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Some companies are certainly hoping so after last night’s big game. While there were plenty of commercial highlights - Who knew horses could make viewers tear up? - it was the lowlights that had people turning to their friends and making sure they weren’t the only ones who just saw a close-up of  that over-the-top Bar Refaeli kiss.
Read More

Super Bowl Ad Winners Conquer Hearts and Clicks - Ben Poken - NBC News - Feb 04, 2013

Another gauge of audience interest is the annual results released by TiVo Research and Analytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc. The findings measure which ads viewers hit the "play" button on instead of fast-forwarding. Taco Bell's "Viva Young" was first, followed by Doritos "Goat for Sale," Hyundai Santa Fe's "Team," Doritos "Fashionista Daddy" and GoDaddy.com's "Perfect Match."
Read More

Tebow & TiVo Team Up: What's on Tim Tebow's TiVo? -Jon Erlichman - Bloomberg.com - Jan 10, 2013

TiVo CEO Tim Rogers discusses why Tim Tebow is the new face of the company. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)
Read More

Tim Tebow: Don’t Know What My Future Holds - Liz Claman - Fox Business - Jan 09, 2013

NFL quarterback Tim Tebow on his commercials for TiVo and his future in the NFL.
Read More

Spotify Comes to TiVo - Ty Pendlebury - CNET - Dec 18, 2012

Spotify will now be available on TiVo, giving Spotify's premium subscribers access to its catalog of over 20 million songs via the set-top box.
Read More

Spotify Now Streaming to Premium Customers on TiVo Premiere Boxes - Ben Gilbert - Engadget - Dec 18, 2012

Spotify is continuing its bid for electronic ubiquity, today announcing yet another device its streaming tunes will be available on: TiVo Premiere.
Read More

NFL quarterback Tim Tebow teams up with TiVo (print and online)- Edward Baig - USA Today - Nov 14, 2012

The DVR pioneer, on the comeback trail after losing subscribers in recent years, is turning to the NFL's Tim Tebow to spread the company gospel. TiVo hired the famous backup quarterback of the New York Jets as its brand ambassador — and not just because of the similar sound to their names.
Read More

Tim Tebow new ambassador for TiVo - Darren Rovell - ESPN - Nov 14, 2012

TiVo announced that Tebow will be a brand ambassador for the digital video recording company, with plans to launch a national advertising campaign that will include social media. Tebow recently went over 2 million followers on Twitter.
Read More

Tebow Suits Up For TiVo - Tom Van Riper - Forbes - Nov 14, 2012

Tebow and TiVo. They kind of sound alike. And now they’re working together. Despite limited time on the field in New York this year, Jets quarterback Tim Tebow hasn’t lost his marketing cache. At least not in the opinion of execs at TiVo, who have just announced  they’ve inked Tebow to a national marketing campaign that will include print, radio, social media and a series of television ads that will begin airing on Nov. 27.
Read More

TiVo Stream Delivers Recorded Mobile Device - Caleb Denison - Digital Trends - Sep 06, 2012

TiVo’s P4 DVR is armed with enough storage space for 75 hours of HD programming. Since it packs four tuners on board, it can record as many as four shows at one time. With that kind of flexibility, hours upon hours of recorded programs are bound to start backing up after a while. TiVo’s solution: Take it to go. 
Read More

TiVo Stream: Put Your TiVo on Your iOS Devices - Harry McCracken - TIME Techland - Aug 31, 2012

Starting next week, households with a TiVo DVR and iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches will also be able to watch TiVo on their Apple gadgets — up to four of them at one time. They’ll do it with an add-on box called TiVo Stream, a sort of modern spiritual descendant of a venerable-but-clunky feature called TiVo to Go which lets you move TiVo recordings to Windows PCs and Macs. The new incarnation is much, much simpler and slicker.
Read More

And Now, Back to TiVo, Already in Progress - Sam Grobart - Bloomberg Businessweek - Aug 30, 2012

Remember TiVo? The company that’s more of a verb than a business surprised many this week when it announced that it had added more than 250,000 subscribers in its second quarter.
Read More

TiVo’s Loss Is Smaller Than Estimates on Subscriber Gains - Cliff Edwards - Bloomberg Businessweek - Aug 30, 2012

TiVo Inc. (TIVO), the digital-video recorder pioneer, posted a second-quarter loss that was smaller than analysts estimated after signing more new subscribers.
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TiVo Stream Review - Joshua Goldman - CNET - Aug 30, 2012

The good: The TiVo Stream lets you easily stream and download programs wirelessly from your TiVo DVR to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Setup and operation are simple.
Read More

TiVo Stream Gets Viewers Off the Couch - Katie Boehret -  The Wall Street Journal - Aug 28, 2012

With my time limited, I'm continuously working to chip away at the ever-growing list of programs and movies on my TiVo. For the past week, I've been testing a device that solves a lot of my problems: TiVo Stream. The $130 box, available Sept. 6 from TiVo.com and in Best Buy soon after that, streams content from your TiVo to up to four mobile devices in your home at high-definition quality. That lets me watch prerecorded shows while doing other things, like cooking or getting ready for work.
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TiVo Premiere 4 - Josh Goldman - CNET - Aug 16, 2012

If you like the sound of a four-tuner TiVo, but $400 plus a $14.99 monthly service fee is just too steep, you're in luck. The new Premiere 4 has almost all the same features as the Premiere XL4, including the capability to record four programs at once even while you watch something previously recorded.
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TiVo Premiere 4 is official, brings four tuners and 500GB of storage for $250 - Rich Lawler - Engadget - Aug 16, 2012

The TiVo Premiere 4 DVR that broke cover a few days ago has been officially confirmed by the company, with exactly the specs indicated. In case you're not familiar, it's a quad tuner DVR that ships with a 500GB hard drive and standard TiVo remote.
Read More

TiVo Announces Four-Tuner TiVo Premiere 4 - PCMag.com - Will Greenwald - Aug 16, 2012

TiVo is introducing a new multi-tuner DVR to its lineup in the form of the TiVo Premiere 4. Like its name implies, it's a four-tuner DVR that can record multiple high-definition channels at once.
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Olympics-Flying Squirrel stock soars after double gold - Steve Keating - Reuters - Aug 03, 2012

Four of the five most recorded Olympic moments on Thursday on the video service TiVo were of Douglas's winning the all-round crown. Only Phelps, who won his 20th Olympic medal, denied her a clean sweep, coming in at number four.
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Olympic Viewing: Coverage of London games - David Bauder - Associated Press - Jul 30, 2012

A study by the digital video recorder maker TiVo found that the top four moments played back and watched again on NBC's telecast were all about gymnastics. The top moment was Alexandra Reisman's uneven bars performance, with an entertaining reaction from her parents in the stands.
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NBC saves prime Olympic action for primetime - Michael Hiestand - USA Today - Jul 29, 2012

TiVo is tracking what Olympic TV action its most-replayed by consumers. But everything available live — the 400-meter individual medley starring Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps was the top digitial draw Saturday with 943,000 streams — might not detract from what's aired on delay. TiVo reported Sunday the five most-replayed moments of TV action Saturday were moments NBC held for prime time — led by the 400 IM.
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Gymnastics, swim moments most TiVoed at Olympics Day 1 - Diane Pucin - Los Angeles Times - Jul 29, 2012

According to TiVo, the company that produces equipment that can be used on your television to back up and replay particular moments, the five most TiVoed moments on the first full day of Olympic competition Saturday included two swimming events and two from men's gymnastics.
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TiVo and PayPal pair up for purchases through TV - Joshua Goldman - CNET - Jun 11, 2012

A new partnership with PayPal will give TiVo users the ability to explore interactive ads and buy products directly through the interface using their PayPal account. Read More

TiVo Announces TiVo Stream, Plus TiVo for Other TVs - Mark Machman - PCMag - May 20, 2012

TiVo on Monday announced a pair of secondary set-top boxes for its Premiere DVRs, including TiVo Stream, which will transcode recorded content for use on mobile devices. Read More

TiVo Premiere HD DVR Review - Rachel Cericola (Edited by Chris Boylan) - Big Picture Big Sound - Apr 22, 2012

Over the past year, we've talked a lot about cutting the cord to paid TV programming. That's probably one bill that wouldn't be missed. The entertainment, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

Top-of-the-Line TiVo - Nathaniel Wice - Barron's Gadget of the Week - Apr 20, 2012

The new Premiere Elite is the BMW of DVRs. No one said life is fair. More than 40% of viewers in the U.S. have DVR service to stockpile TV shows for watching later, butTiVo, the company that invented the digital video recorder market, has lost out to knockoffs and is running now at half its 2006 peak of more than four million subscribers.

Global tie-up between TiVo and Pace - By Julian Clover - Broadband TV News - Feb 23, 2012

A global partnership has been announced between advanced television services provider TiVo and the set-top developer Pace. Pace has licensed TiVo’s Hardware Porting Kit and will work with TiVo to build a TiVo-verified platform which will provide operators licensing the TiVo solution the choice of utilizing Pace set-top boxes and gateways.

DirecTV's 'DirecTiVO' Now Available Nationwide - Mark Hachman - PCMag.com - Feb 09, 2012

DirecTV and TiVo said Thursday that a DirecTV-branded TiVo is now available nationwide, four years after the original partnership agreement was struck. In December, the two companies deployed the TiVo HD DVR from DirecTV, as it's called, in ten markets as a trial. Markets included New York, Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, among others.

TiVo Names Dorito's 'Friend' Most Engaging Bowl Spot - Steve McCellan - MediaPost - Feb 06, 2012

TiVo has declared Dorito’s “Man’s Best Friend” Super Bowl ad the most engaging commercial in Sunday night’s big game, televised on NBC. Like five of TiVo’s other top-10 engaging ads in the Super Bowl, the Doritos spot appeared in the second quarter. The ad, one of two consumer-generated Dorito's spots, featured a dog who bribed a man with Doritos to conceal the whereabouts of the family cat.

TiVo Launches Android App - Will Greenwald - PC Mag - Jan 06, 2012

TiVo has just launched a new Android version of its DVR-controlling app. The TiVo App for Android joins the TiVo App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in letting users manage their TiVo devices from their mobile devices.

TiVo Rises as AT&T to Pay $215 Million to Settle DVR Case - Susan Decker - Bloomberg - Jan 03, 2012

TiVo Inc. (TIVO) rose as much as 22 percent in extended trading after AT&T Inc. agreed to pay at least $215 million to settle a patent lawsuit over digital video recorders. The settlement includes $51 million up front, followed by quarterly payments through June 2018 totaling $164 million, Alviso, California-based TiVo said in a statement today. Dallas- based AT&T also agreed to monthly license fees if its DVR subscribers exceed certain levels in that period, TiVo said.

Ono, TiVo launch HD hybrid TV service in Spain - Telecom Paper - Nov 16, 2011

Spanish cable operator Ono and digital video recorder services provider TiVo have launched their next generation hybrid television service in Spain.

Grande launches TiVo service - Valentino Lucio - San Antonio Express-News blog - Nov 16, 2011

Grande Communications has announced that launch of TiVo Premiere, a new service that blends television service with Internet video and music.

TiVo Premiere Q and Preview multiroom DVR setup finally debuts from RCN - Richard Lawler - Engadget - Nov 09, 2011

The new "whole home solution" from TiVo consisting of the four tuner Premiere Q DVR and Preview extender is finally available for the first time, from RCN.

The TiVo Premiere Elite: 4 Tuners, 2TB, Available Today For $499 - Matt Burns - Oct 09, 2011

The TiVo Premiere Elite is the TV watcher’s Bugatti Veyron. It’s their Lance Armstrong, their Empire Strikes Back. It’s the Budweiser of set-top box DVRs. The TiVo Premiere Elite is simply the best recording and playback device ever made and yes, I just called Budweiser the best beer of all time. The quad turner device quietly leaked over the summer, followed by an official TiVo announcement in September. At that time the company failed to announce the price and availability but the product page later reveled the $499 price. TiVo just took to the wires to announce the Premiere Elite is available starting today. Your king has arrived, TV nerds. Read More

You Like? TiVo, Netflix And Hulu To Share Real - Time Vid Picks On Facebook - Todd Spangler - Multichannel News - Sep 21, 2011

TiVo, Netflix and Hulu have buddied up with social-media powerhouse Facebook to make it even easier for people to flaunt their TV and movie watching habits. The companies made the announcements at Facebook's f8 developers conference Thursday, where the social website touted a new real-time linking feature aimed at letting people share media. Read More

'NCIS,' 'Modern Family' most-anticipated returning shows per new survey - Matt Carter - examiner.com - Sep 15, 2011

TiVo has just completed a rather extensive fall TV survey, and the end results do help us get some sort idea of just what are going to be the most-popular shows of the upcoming season -- at least if they end up meeting some of the hype. Read More

TiVo Debuts Premiere Elite DVR with 4 Tuners, 2TB and THX Certification - Rachel Cericola - Big Picture Sound - Sep 08, 2011

Set your eyeballs to stun: TiVo just announced its latest digital video recorder, the TiVo Premiere Elite. However, this isn't your ordinary set-top box. This one packs in a few eye-popping features. First up, the Premiere Elite has a whopping four digital tuners, which means you can actually record four shows at once, all while viewing a fifth recorded program. Read More

The Insigna TiVo TV: A "Smart" Television that Isn't Dumb - Sam Biddle - Gizmodo - Jul 31, 2011

We've made no attempts to hide our contempt for sloppy, inconsiderate "connected" TVs. So far, they've been thrown together with all the effort of a fad. But Best Buy's in-house brand has a trick up its sleeve: TiVo. Read More

TiVo Premiere Review-Online Services - Adam Thursby - About.com - Apr 20, 2011

Overall, the TiVo Premiere made for a great DVR experience and with the added online features, it can easily become the center of your entertainment world. Read More

Appeals Court Affirms That Dish Must Disable DVRs In TiVo Case - Todd Spangler - Multichannel News - Apr 19, 2011

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a lower court's ruling that Dish Network must disable eight models of its DVRs -- found to have infringed on a key patent owned by TiVo -- and must pay sanctions for violating prior injunctions to disable the equipment, as the parties' seven-year legal fight appears to be nearing an end. Read More

Branson: Virgin Media TiVo is a weapon against Sky - Patrick Goss - techradar.com - Mar 10, 2011

As more and more customers get the next-generation set top box, Virgin Media will begin the push for the new equipment, which has already wowed critics with its feature set, including a backwards EPG, searchable content and, crucially, the famous TiVo suggestion functionality. Read More

Tivo Is in Talks With Several Cable Operators on Set-Top Boxes - Ragnhild Kjetland - Bloomberg - Feb 15, 2011

TiVo Inc., the digital-video recording pioneer, is in talks with several cable operators about its set-top boxes, Chief Executive Officer Tom Rogers said in an interview Read More

Charter-ing a Course? - Michael Grebb - CableFAX - Jan 24, 2011

TiVo still does boxes better than anyone else. This is a company that knows something about a great customer experience. And while cable operators can try and try again to put out set tops that keep up with consumer demands for features and “sleekness,” it can seem like a losing battle because of the sunk costs of those old, existing boxes and the need to tailor navigation software to the lowest common denominator. That’s why the deal announced Mon between TiVo and Charter Comm is so significant. Charter is the 3rd cable operator to embrace TiVo as its “default” DVR box provider Read More

@CES: TiVo Tom Rogers Sizes Up Cable And Competition - Andrew Wallenstein - paidContent.org - Jan 12, 2011

While Tivo is keeping its focus on the TV screen, it has an eye on tablets as well; an iPad app will launch in the next few months. But the operator deals are where Tivo stands to turn around its business; a new deal with Virgin Media joins a roster that already includes Cox Communications, RCN and Suddenlink. Read More

The Insigna TiVo TV: A - Sam Biddle - Gizmodo - Jan 01, 2011

We've made no attempts to hide our contempt for sloppy, inconsiderate "connected" TVs. So far, they've been thrown together with all the effort of a fad. But Best Buy's in-house brand has a trick up its sleeve: TiVo. Read More

Virgin Media signs exclusive UK deal with TiVo - Georgina Prodhan - Reuters - Dec 01, 2010

Virgin Media has signed an exclusive UK deal with U.S. digital video-recorder maker TiVo, a move it said on Wednesday marked the start of its transition from a cable operator to an entertainment provider. Read More

TiVo Drops Prices of Premiere Boxes by $200 - - BestStuff.com - Nov 18, 2010

TiVo announced on Monday that they have slashed prices on their TiVo Premiere and Premiere XL DVRs for a limited time. You can now pick up the TiVo Premiere box for $99.99 with a one-year commitment of $19.99 per month – saving you $200 on the box. Read More

TiVo Online Season Pass Manager: handling multiple DVRs gets easier - Chris Davies - SlashGear - Oct 12, 2010

TiVo has launched an Online Season Pass Manager, which will allow subscribers to transfer season pass subscriptions between their various TiVo boxes, as well as adding new passes and deleting old ones. Read More

TiVo Premiere To Stream Hulu Plus - Wayne Friedman - MediaPost - Sep 28, 2010

Looking to merged virtually all traditional and new digital TV shows -- new and old -- into one service and device, TiVo got broadened its offerings. The longtime maker of time-shifting TV show equipment has struck a deal with Hulu Plus to be included in TiVo's new DVR machines. Read More

Pandora Streaming Radio Comes to TiVo Premiere - - Ubergizmo - Sep 19, 2010

TiVo announces today that the company's TiVo Premiere DVR will also get personalized streaming radio services via Pandora, which has been available as an app for a variety of smartphone platforms. The Pandora app for TiVo Premiere boxes will allow users to stream Internet-based radio channels that are created based on their preferences for music. Read More

TiVo Slide Remote Lightning Review: Entering Text Finally Doesn’t Suck - Jason Chen - Gizmodo.com - Aug 23, 2010

Anyone who's tried to type on a TiVo—searching for YouTube, or viewing Netflix, or trying to find that show you want to record—knows it's both tedious and rage-inducing. TiVo Slide fixes this problem, plus, it's a better remote entirely. Read More

RCN Takes TiVo To Windy City - Todd Spangler - Multichannel News - Aug 03, 2010

RCN has launched TiVo Premiere in Chicago ahead of schedule -- beating incumbent cable operator Comcast to the punch in the Windy City. RCN now offers TiVo Premiere in all its markets. The operator debuted the DVR in Washington, D.C., in May followed by New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Pa., and now Chicago. TiVo Premiere (code-named "Neutron") features an interface optimized for big-screen HDTVs and integrated search across linear, on-demand, recorded shows and broadband content.
Read More

Suddenlink CEO Kent: Embracing Over-the-Top Video - Todd Spangler - MultiChannel News - Jul 07, 2010

Suddenlink Communications CEO Jerry Kent said one of the key reasons the MSO selected TiVo DVRs and set-tops for its next-generation video services was to let customers access broadband-delivered content — including YouTube clips — right on their TVs Read More

TiVo sets up Facebook, Twitter TV - Steven E.F. Brown - SF Business Times - Jun 14, 2010

Television recording business TiVo Inc. set up a way for its users to show information like news, weather, photos or updates from social networks like Twitter or Facebook on TV. Read More

TiVo Premiere Review - Eugene Morton - G4TV: Attack of the Show - Apr 25, 2010

TiVo is showing us the future of television with the way they've aggregated all this downloadable content Read More

Your TV Tech Fix: Why Are You Still Using Your Cable Company’s DVR? - Matt Whitlock - theTVaddict.com - Apr 21, 2010

How can it be that pretty much everyone agrees TiVo DVRs are significantly better (are easier to use, offer more innovative features, give you more spacious hard drives, and even now integrate with things like HP MediaSmart Servers for expansion), yet STILL opt for the craptastic box from the cable company? Read More

TiVo wins court ruling against EchoStar; stock soars - By Alex Pham - latimes.com - Mar 04, 2010

Mr. TiVo TiVo's shares soared more than 53% after the company announced it had won a key ruling in federal court in a long-running patent infringement case against EchoStar's Dish Network. Read More

TiVo unveils Series4 'Premiere' DVRs with enhanced online integration - John Falcone - CNET - Mar 02, 2010

TiVo on Tuesday officially announced two new DVRs that offer an updated user interface and enhanced integration and search capabilities for online video. The TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL models will cost $300 and $500, respectively, when they ship in April. Read More

Virgin Presses 'Play' on TiVo - By Jeff Baumgartner - Cable Digital News - Nov 25, 2009

TiVo Inc. is taking its partnership act to the U.K. in a big way, notching a deal to develop a next-generation TV platform for Virgin Media Inc. that will include broadband-fed video services and applications. Read More

Deal Will See Coors Light Messaging During Football Pauses, Rewinds and Fast-Forwards - By Jeremy Mullman - Ad Age - Nov 19, 2009

Pro sports are far less prone to time-shifting than other types of programming. Only 20% of first-run football viewing is done on a time-shifted basis, according to TiVo StopWatch data. That's half of the 40% rate for all viewing, and only a third of the 61% afflicting primetime. Read More

Blockbuster on Demand Goes Live On TiVo Boxes - By Darren Murph - Engadget.com - Oct 12, 2009

We knew good and well it was coming, and now the deed has been done. As promised, Blockbuster's On Demand movie rental service has gone live on a bevy of TiVo boxes, enabling Series2, Series3, TiVo HD and TiVo HD XL DVRs to watch all sorts of releases without needing to purchase another set-top-box or tap into their cable company's VOD system. Read More

Evolving DVRs Offer up New Benefits - Diane Werts - Variety - Sep 23, 2009

TiVo's iconic brand is built around the company's much lauded search-and-suggestion interface. Connected to broadband, DVRs can deliver dozens of branded channels like TiVoCast and can access users' digital video and photo libraries. TiVo is also a content retailer for downloadable video. Read More

Timing Promos With 'TiVo StopWatch' - Lee Hunt - Multichannel News - Sep 20, 2009

Besides changing the way people watch television, TiVo has also begun to change how we measure that behavior with TiVo "StopWatch." StopWatch connects second-by-second viewing behavior with commercial and promo occurrence data, offering Program Ratings, Spot Ratings and Commercial Retention for both Live Viewing and Time-Shifted Viewing.

In other words, for the first time we're able to see if promos actually perform. Do viewers stick or click? Read More

Cracking the Set-Top Box Code - Katy Bachman - Adweek - Aug 15, 2009

Mining audience data from STB devices that deliver TV content via cable or satellite is turning into the digital equivalent of the Alaska gold rush. A growing number of research and technology companies -- including Nielsen (which owns AdweekMedia), TNS Media Research, TiVo, Rentrak and TRA -- envision a promising business that can deliver audience viewing data of unparalleled precision based on millions of households. Read More

Building the perfect set-top box - Don Reisinger - CNET - Aug 12, 2009

TiVo is the closest to providing the kind of content consumers really want. It has Netflix, it will soon have Blockbuster streaming, it allows you to watch video podcasts, you can watch films you download from Amazon.com, and you can stream music from Rhapsody. Even better, it's a DVR, so you can quickly and easily switch to television and start recording your favorite shows. Read More

Who's on Crack in Tech - JG Mason - Gadgetell.com - Aug 06, 2009

The future of TV. While some companies are doing crazy things like mounting a Blu-ray player in an HDTV to help gain some traction in the US market, other companies like TiVo are going a bit beyond. This week the company added RSS feed capability. This will allow podcasts and the like to be streamed to the TiVo. Hot. Read More

Best Buy and TiVo get in bed, HDTVs with built-in TiVos are conceived - Matt Burns - Crunchgear - Jul 08, 2009

Best Buy and TiVo have worked out a nice deal. Best Buy is going to heavily push the DVR in all its stores nationwide and TiVo will produce a special Best Buy DVR and embed its DVR platform in a few HDTVs. Read More

Web 3.0: Vague, but Exciting - Greg Smith - adweek.com - Jun 14, 2009

The TiVo model helps to understand how Web 3.0 might work. Express interest in, say, George Clooney, and TiVo's "agent" searches for and records any of his movies airing on TV. But it also finds and records content related to Clooney, such as films he directed or produced, reruns of ER, The Facts of Life and other credited work, interviews and gossip items about him, even the "Tears of a Clooney" episode of American Dad that mocked his persona. Now substitute your brand for "Clooney" and "the entire Web" for "TV," and you get some idea of Web 3.0's potential reach. Read More

TiVo: Judge Rules Against EchoStar In DVR Patent Case - Eric Savitz - Barron's - Jun 01, 2009

TiVo (TIVO) shares are up sharply after hours after a federal court in Texas upheld the company's patents in its closely watched infringement case against EchoStar (SATS). The Judge ruled that EchoStar and DISH Network (DISH) are in contempt of court, rejected their workaround of TiVo's patent Read More

See Dick and Jane Bedoop - Kevin Makice - Wired - May 28, 2009

Our lives changed dramatically in 2000. A new addition to our family made cute sounds and radically altered our schedules. We were exposed to new ideas and invited to reflect on some old ones. People came into our home to ooh and ahh, asking to hold it and press its buttons. The more it learned about us, the stronger our relationship became. This is the year our love affair with TiVo began. Read More

Tivo, Amazon team up for HD downloads - Silicon Valley Business Journal - Apr 20, 2009

TiVo Inc. on Tuesday announced the availability of high definition movies and television shows for download to users' television sets via Amazon.com. High definition episodes of current TV seasons will be available for purchase at $2.99 and new release HD movies will be available for rental from $3.99 to $4.99. Read More

TiVo to sell instant data on what people watch, fast-forward - By David Lieberman - USA TODAY - Apr 19, 2009

The company that's made it so easy for television viewers to avoid watching ads will unveil Monday a plan to help stations sell them. TiVo will challenge Nielsen, whose audience ratings provide the basis for most ad sales, with Stop/Watch Local Markets. It will supplement TiVo's measurements of national TV audiences with data from all but the smallest of the nation's 210 markets. Read More

Blockbuster to offer video downloads on TiVo - Maria Halkias - Mar 24, 2009

TiVo considers its DVR a shopping mall with video and music downloads available from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Rhapsody and other stores of entertainment. But it was missing Blockbuster, which it views as a key anchor for its biggest library of new releases available for download. Blockbuster OnDemand will be added to TiVo's subscription service beginning as early as July, the two companies said Wednesday. Read More

Best 5 Home Video Products - John P. Falcone - CNET - Feb 26, 2009

Read More

TiVo Search Is The Future of TiVo - Christopher Mascari - Gizmodo.com - Jan 07, 2009

The redesigned TiVo Search does away with the Swivel Search and now makes show searching more efficient and HD friendly. Just like Swivel Search TiVo Search will weed through both live TV and broadband content, like Amazon on Demand and YouTube, to find a complete list of available programs. But now upon searching for a show TiVo Search will automatically generate similar recommendations and display them with eye-pleasing art at the top of your TV. Another upgrade over the Swivel is the menu layout that is now three columns wide to make use of wide screen TVs and when available HD content is automatically recommended. Read More

TiVo Aims To Be The Google of Television With New TiVo Search - Iyaz Akhtar - Gadgetell.com - Jan 07, 2009

Today, January 7, 2009, TiVo announced its upgraded TiVo Search that should allow for users to still get search results, but also discover content. Content suggestions are pulled from television listings and also from the Internet. You might find a clip from YouTube that is related to a television show that you watch. With thousands of programs on television, it's hard finding new things to watch. A "discovery engine" is a great idea to find fresh shows. Read More

TiVo Netflix hands-on on Engadget Classic! - Nilay Patel - Engadget.com - Dec 12, 2008

TiVo was nice enough to hit us with the Netflix-enabling Fall Service Update a little early, and the going's been pretty good -- this is probably our favorite Netflix streaming implementation yet. Although it's not as flashy of an experience as the Xbox 360's Netflix implementation, it's faster to start streaming, and to our eyes it looks a lot better -- the 360's output is really dark, while the TiVo looks bright and crisp. On top of that, we've never been able to get our 360 to hit more than two bars when playing HD-capable content, while the TiVo instantly spooled up and started streaming full-quality 720p video. Read More

TiVo Launches TiVo Mobile - Natesh Sood - Gadgetell - Nov 25, 2008

TiVo is really making a push to have a good holiday season—first by offering better deals at Best Buy and now they have made a mobile website allowing cell phone users to browse TV shows and even schedule recordings. Read More

TiVo Adds Domino's Pizza Delivery to Its Menu - By Janet Adamy - WSJ.com - Nov 18, 2008

You can now order a pizza through your television. In a new promotion with TiVo Inc., Domino's Pizza Inc. will begin taking orders using only a TV set from customers who have broadband TiVo service. When a customer forwards through a commercial for Domino's, TiVo will flash a pop-up advertisement that asks the customer if she would like to order a pizza, then direct her to a Domino's ordering screen. Read More

TiVo HD XL - Joel Santo Domingo - PCMag.com - Sep 03, 2008

True story: One of our readers told me he has more than two dozen networked TiVos in his house; obviously he doesn't like to delete any of his recorded shows. This guy should definitely look into the TiVo HD XL, the latest DVR from the company that made TV time-shifting all the rage. The XL is the spiritual successor to 2006's TiVo Series3 DVR. And the XL simply stands for lots of hard drive space--1TB to be exact, as opposed to the standard 160GB that the $300 TiVo HD offers. That extra space translates into about 150 hours of HD recording (up from 20 hours for the TiVo HD) and more than 1,360 hours of basic quality SD recording. Read More

David Pogue's Gadget List of 2008 - David Pogue - NYTimes.com - Aug 06, 2008

TiVo. I bit the bullet and bought the Tivo Series 3, the hi-def masterpiece machine (which has, grrr, already been discontinued). Runs like a Swiss watch, has never let us down. Still the best DVR software and features on the planet. Subscribes to my favorite Web videos. When I'm away, I can program it from across the Internet. Read More

TiVo and Amazon Team Up - Brad Stone - The New York Times - Jul 21, 2008

The company, based in Alviso, Calif., will introduce a "product purchase" feature on Tuesday in partnership with the Internet retailer Amazon.com. Owners of TiVo video recorders will see, in TiVo's various onscreen menus, links to buy products like CDs, DVDs and books that guests are promoting on talk shows like "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The Late Show With David Letterman" and "The Daily Show". Read More

TiVo and YouTube to Deliver Web Video to TV - Brian Stelter - New York Times - Jul 17, 2008

Pick up the remote, turn on the television — and watch YouTube. The user experience envisioned by technology enthusiasts came a step closer to reality on Wednesday when TiVo, the maker of popular digital video recorders, announced a partnership with YouTube that will deliver Web video directly to users’ televisions. Read More

The 25 Innovations That Changed Entertainment - Simon Vozick-Levinson - Entertainment Weekly - Jun 26, 2008

3 TiVo - 1999 - One of the first digital video recorders, it finally put an end to the days when all television junkies were held hostage to the networks' scheduling whims (or clunky VCR timers). Read More

Dads' TV Guilty Pleasures Not What You Expect - - MSNBC.com - Jun 14, 2008

This Father's Day you might expect to see dads watching the big game or The History Channel, but what shows are dads watching that they don't want anyone to know about? They might not admit it, but dads love dancing celebrities, doctors who get steamy in broom closets, private school teenagers who can't stop text messaging and "Access Hollywood". Read More

Time-Shifting the Ad Industry: Tom Rogers, President and CEO, TiVo - John Paczkowski - Allthingsd.com - May 28, 2008

Tom Rogers, a well-rounded media executive, has had his work cut out for him at TiVo (TIVO), the iconic but often-struggling pioneer and leader in the digital video-recorder market. Before coming to TiVo, Mr. Rogers was chairman and CEO of Primedia, which publishes 200 magazines, operates more than 400 Web sites and runs a wide range of television and video businesses. Previous to that, he was president of NBC Cable and executive vice president at NBC, as well as its chief strategist. While there, Mr. Rogers helped found the CNBC business cable channel and established the NBC/Microsoft cable channel and Internet joint venture, MSNBC. He also worked in politics, as senior counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives' Telecommunications, Consumer Protection and Finance Subcommittee, and has previously worked as a Wall Street lawyer. Read More

TiVo Service Will Deliver Selections of TV Critic - Brian Stelter - The New York Times - May 27, 2008

Television viewers have been reading the recommendations of local critics for years. Soon a subset of TiVo users will be able to automatically record a critic's picks of The Chicago Tribune. TiVo, a leading maker of digital video recorders, is expected to announce on Wednesday a partnership with The Tribune that will deliver the recommendations of Maureen Ryan, the TV critic for The Tribune, straight to the TVs of users who sign up for the service. Read More

TiVo Adds Disney Movie Rentals - Chris Albrecht - NewTeeVee.com - May 27, 2008

TiVo announced today that its subscribers will soon be able to rent Disney movies through their DVRs directly from their TVs. The service will be provided through an arrangement with CinemaNow. Content will be offered in both standard and high definition (though not all titles will be in HD), and will be available for a 24-hour rental period. TiVo has a movie rental arrangement through Unbox, but Disney content isn't available for download on the Amazon service. Read More

The 100 Best Products of 2008 - Mark Sullivan - PC World - May 26, 2008

After a good deal of--ahem--lively discussion, the editors at PC World have completed this year's list of the 100 best technology products available today. How did we do it? After nominating hundreds of devices, apps, sites, and services we knew to be good, we rated each one on its design, functionality, performance, and impact; the ones garnering the highest total scores made our list. Note that we chose not to rate products specifically on their price or value, focusing instead on their overall quality. After the scoring was over and the dust had cleared, we had a list that served, among other things, to remind us of what an exciting time in tech this truly is, with game-changing product development happening on many fronts. 39. TiVo HD (digital video recorder, $300; service, $13/month) With its excellent user interface and its ability to record high-def programs, the TiVo HD box might be all the DVR you need. Read More

TiVo Gets Social With Facebook - MegaZone - Gizmolovers.com - Apr 16, 2008

TiVo has just launched a new Facebook application called "My TV". You can add the shows you watch, rate and comment on the series or individual episodes, recommend shows to friends, schedule recordings on your TiVo (via links to TiVo Central Online), and more. Read More

Tapping Your TiVo's Hidden Talents The Mossberg Solution - Katherine Boehret, Edited by Walter S. Mossberg - The Wall Street Journal - Mar 05, 2008

A fondness for TiVo has encouraged users to refer to it with designated nicknames and/or genders. A teacher friend of mine was recently asked by a student if her husband's name was TiVo after the child heard her say she would have to tell TiVo about a new TV show. But like any old friend -- or spouse -- who has been around for a while, TiVo has a few tricks up its sleeve that might surprise longtime users and new owners alike. This column includes just a handful of those tricks and highlights some features that may make TiVo more useful. These tips are for everyday users, not serious hackers, and many others exist. Read More

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Movie Downloading - David Pogue - The New York Times - Feb 21, 2008

Why did so many companies dump HD DVD so fast Intriguingly, one often-cited reason is the approaching era of Internet movie downloads. The logic goes like this: as long as there's a format war, consumers won't buy DVD players of either type. By settling on a single format it doesn't really matter which one the movie and electronics industries can at least start milking the remaining years of the DVD's life. Read More

Q&A - J.D. Biersdorfer - The New York Times - Feb 07, 2008

Q. Is there a way to record programs stored on my TiVo recorder in the living room onto a DVD so I can save them or watch them elsewhere? A. Although some TiVo digital recorders have integrated DVD burners, you don't have to own one of those models to get your shows copied to a disc. There are at least a couple of other options. Read More

For Marketing, the Most Valuable Player Might Be YouTube - Stuart Elliott - The New York Times - Feb 05, 2008

SOME religions believe in an afterlife. Others do not. On Madison Avenue after the Super Bowl, most everyone is a believer.That is because the Internet, digital video recorders, mobile devices and other technologies are giving a strong postgame presence to the commercials that appear each year during the Super Bowl. The spots can be watched later on Web sites, forwarded to friends through e-mail, discussed on message boards and assessed on blogs. Read More

THUMBS UP for TiVo Interactive Advertising and Marketing - - HighBridNation.com - Jan 24, 2008

TiVo, a marketers dream TiVo the recognized leader and creator of DVR (Digital Video Recorders) today announced a partnership with Symantec (you know the Norton's Anti-virus cats) to be their first interactive advertiser on their TiVoCast Programming. Learning about this got me to thinking As a marketing professional and a TiVo subscriber I find the TiVo's interactive marketing very intriguing. For those of you who don't own one TiVo's has worked hard to answer the concerns of marketers who feel that TiVo allows viewers to by-pass commercial breaks rendering their ads less effective. In response TiVo has created marketing opportunites for hungry advertisers that are really cool and cutting edge. Read More

Boston gets Comcast's TiVo-powered DVR - David Lieberman - USA Today - Jan 22, 2008

NEW YORK TiVo aims to make life easy for its digital video recorder customers. But its journey to this potentially pivotal week was extraordinarily difficult. After three years of painstaking work, Comcast, (CMCSA) the nation's largest cable provider, Tuesday will begin marketing TiVo's (TIVO) interface as a premium software upgrade for DVR customers in the Boston area. The significance of the offering reaches far beyond Beantown. Read More

Watch TiVo evolve with the industry, CEO says - Alex Pham - Los Angeles Times - Jan 21, 2008

The world of video is going to go the way of music. In the music world, you can get any song you want, any time you want it, on any device you want it. That's what's happened in the last five, six years. It's become a la carte, on demand. We think the same thing is going to happen with television. That changes the whole notion of television convenience and ease -- to mean being able to go out and find any piece of content you want through your television set and being able to watch it. We've built TiVo's capabilities to do that. We started with being able to retrieve certain content from newspapers and other players that had video that they want to get to the TV set. And we expanded it with Amazon, where they created thousands of television shows and movies [that can be delivered] via broadband straight to your television set. Read More

The Top 10 Gadgets of 2007 - Ben Patterson - Dec 17, 2007

TiVo HD: The best of the set-top DVRs made the leap to HD in late 2006, but the $800 price tag for the new Series3 box was a bitter pill. Luckily, the $300 TiVo HD arrived in August. In the meantime, TiVo's been busy adding support for Amazon Unbox video downloads, the Rhapsody music service, and Picasa photo libraries. Read More

TiVo, 'VCR on steroids,' selling 'extremely well' - Marke Andrews - The Vancouver Sun - Dec 07, 2007

Like many marketing managers, Lee Scherbinsky can talk a blue streak about a new product. But in the case of TiVo, the television recording device, which arrived in British Columbia stores just days ago, Scherbinsky has a personal interest because he got one for himself. Read More

TiVo HD DVR Makes Sound and Vision's HOT 100 List - - Sound and Vision - Nov 28, 2007

In case you didn't hear, TiVo's gone high-def, and it's finally at a price everyone can afford. The company's HD DVR can record 20 hours of HDTV shows (180 in standard-def), even recording two HD shows at once. In addition to the cable channels, the DVR can download movies and TV episodes from Amazon Unbox. Forgot to set it to record that Happy Days reunion? Just schedule the recording via the Net. Read More

Now you can share your videos on your own TV channel - Stacy Downs - Kansas City Star - Nov 15, 2007

Have you ever wanted your own TV channel? Well, now you can have one if you have a broadband Internet connection and a few friends and family members with TiVo digital video recorders. Read More

TiVo Serves Up Portrait of the Ad-Zappers -- Marketers Are Offered A Look at Subscribers, How They Use DVRs - Suzanne Vranica - Wall Street Journal - Nov 08, 2007

Facing increased competition from cable operators and phone companies that offer digital video-recording services, TiVo is making a bigger grab at a different source of revenue: the pile of money that marketers are throwing at companies that promise fresh insights into TV-viewing habits. Read More

TiVo Adds Disney Moves From CinemaNow, Indie Movies From Jaman - Nicholas Deleon - CrunchGear.com - Oct 23, 2007

Another reason to go with a TiVo instead of a generic DVR: downloadable Disney and indie movies on demand. The deals were actually announced earlier in the year, but starting today you'll be able to download and rent movies from Jaman.com. Read More